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Parliament – Mothership Connection (1975)

September 12, 2020

[Album 800/1001]

“Oww, we need the funk, we gotta have that funk”
– Parliament, Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)

Until recently, I didn’t realize I needed the funk.

But now, I gotta have it!

Fortunately, George Clinton and his bands, Parliament & Funkadelic, keep delivering the goods.

I’m not sure if fans tend to prefer one group over the other; it doesn’t feel like there’s a wrong answer.

Perhaps it’s one of those scenarios where listeners gravitate toward whichever they heard first?

In any event, to paraphrase another line from Give Up The Funk, when you find yourself wanting the funk, there’s a whole lot of rhythm going round here!


Verbalize the Positive

A tip of the hat to Rich @ KamerTunesBlog for his new series, The Positive Spin. Looking forward to the eventual podcast!

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  1. Are you allowed to dress up as a funkanaut for work?

  2. You may need some Funk to get through the school year!

  3. That album cover alone can bring the funk.

  4. Great stuff. I tend to prefer Funkadelic to Parliament (even though they’re two parts of the same “mothership”), but when in the right mood the fun-funny-funkiness of Parliament is a blast. Oh, and thanks for the shout-out regarding The Positive Spin. I hope to spread the positivity, slowly & steadily.

    • Cheers, Rich – and when I find myself in need of the funk, it’s nice to know that both parts of the mothership provide just what’s needed!

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