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The Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) (1967)

September 10, 2020

[Album 799/1001]

Full credit to The Electric Prunes – they know how to craft an intriguing title.

Beginning with the seemingly oxymoronic band name, The Electric Prunes. If asked to name an bold / exciting / invigorating fruit, how many people would choose dried / humiliated plums?

Then there’s the album name, I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night). Had anyone else previously considered that there might be an optimal quantity of dreams in a given sleep? Or that exceeding that desired amount would be a problem to be addressed through song? 

And perhaps most thought-provoking of all, the track, Are You Lovin’ Me More (But Enjoying It Less).

It got me thinking about long-term relationships between bands & fans.

In my case, Radiohead.220px-The_Electric_Prunes

With each subsequent album, I find my love / respect / admiration for the band continues to grow. Though at the same time, with the odd exception, I find I’m enjoying the newer albums less than their predecessors.

So I’m curious as to how that will one day apply to a relatively new-to-me group like The Electric Prunes.

With their debut, thus far, enjoyment hasn’t been hard to come by.

For starters, Train for Tomorrow feels like a preview of Nirvana’s About a Girl. Its followup track, Sold to the Highest Bidder features an electric mandolin-esque sound (which delightfully brings Flight of the Conchords to mind). Then there’s a dash of harpsichord in The King Is in the Counting House…so there’s plenty to enjoy within the sub-30-minute running time.

But I wouldn’t say I’m head over heels just yet.

Over time though, will I fall deeper in love?

And will it inevitably be offset by a decrease in enjoyment?

We shall see!



Verbalize the Positive

For fans of The Onion, there’s a Canadian comparable named, The Beaverton.

One of their finest headlines: Study finds you are the only person who truly appreciates the genius of Radiohead!

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  1. Never heard the album but the title track is a psych classic.

    • The album is on par with the single – I see why it would get the top billing, but I enjoyed the rest of the album as well

  2. I was about to say “That’s a pretty old tune!” Wait a minute that was the year I was born lol

  3. My grandmother loved prune juice. I wonder if she would’ve liked these guys…something tells me no.

  4. Fun fact: “I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night” and its lack of airplay on commercial radio was what inspired Little Steven to begin Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

  5. That is a very Onion headline. I’m intrigued, I love the Onion more than almost everything else in the world stacked up in a big pile.

    • I think the Beaverton often focuses more on Canada-specific headlines (about Provincial governments and such) – but when they’re on their game, they’re right up there with the Onion!

  6. As others have said, the title cut is a much compiled psychedelic classic. It has its charm, this album, so I’ll be intrigued as to whether you fall more deeply for it, Geoff.

    • I’ve definitely been swept off my feet by the chatty & interesting titles – the music may be next!

  7. jprobichaud permalink

    I have never heard of these guys but I love their name and if people are saying they are often on psych rock comps, I may have to check them out.

    • I appreciated that this was a sub-30 minute running time, makes it an efficient album to explore!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Will definitely keep that in mind.

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