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Traffic – Traffic (1968)

September 5, 2020

[Album 796/1001]

“I hate traffic. The band and the phenomenon”
– Homer Simpson

Ahh the phenomenon of traffic. Being stuck in the space between two points.

The latter part of Homer’s statement isn’t exactly controversial. It could easily be part of an airtight political platform, ‘do you hate traffic too? do you love puppies?!’

But hating the band?

It’s a strange claim, as Traffic doesn’t strike me as a band that would inspire a ton of hatred.220px-Traffic_(album)

But if traffic is indeed the time spent between two points, in this case, it is time well spent.

For example, the opening minute or so of the song, Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring.

The walk-up opening evokes The Wind Cries Mary, or The Jimi Hendrix Experience circa 1967.

At about the 44-second mark, the wandering guitar line is reminiscent of Mr. Churchill Says, or The Kinks in 1969.

So if Traffic in 1968 represents the space between Jimi in 1967 & The Kinks in 1969, I certainly don’t hate being stuck here!


Verbalize the Positive

On the aforementioned Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring, my favourite track from the album, Steve Winwood is credited with lead vocals / hammond organ / guitars / bass guitar / co-writing.

Not too shabby for a 20-year old!

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  1. Marvellous deployment of Homer’s insight, Geoff. Great album too.

    • Much appreciated, Bruce – ‘Homer’ (Simpson, at least) and ‘insight’ are seldom seen in the same sentence!

  2. Homer does have pretty terrible taste in music….

  3. The only traffic jam I like…Doh!!!

  4. Winwood has a great voice. What a career the guy has had. Fella had his own style thats for sure!

  5. I have a bootleg of Jimi jamming with Traffic. It is good times.

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