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Jurassic 5 – Power in Numbers (2002)

August 20, 2020

Learning to be anti-racist

For years, I have been mistakenly under the impression that ‘racist’ and ‘not racist’ were opposites. I’ve since realized that ‘anti-racism’ is actually the opposite of ‘racism’ & I need to do a better job of being actively anti-racist.

As a starting point, this summer, I wanted to commit to doing two small things every week:

  1. Listen & Learn. Share resources that I’ve found helpful.
  2. Amplify Black Voices. Each Wednesday, feature a Black Artist from the 1001 list.


So far, I’ve looked at Curtis Mayfield’s There’s No Place Like America Today, The Crusaders’ Street Life, Cypress Hill’s Cypress Hill, Cee-Lo Green’s Cee-Lo Green…Is the Soul Machine, Maxwell’s Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s, Shaka Zulu, Muddy Waters’ Hard Again, Fela Ransome-Kuti and The Africa ’70 with Ginger Baker’s Live!, Femi Kuti’s Femi Kuti, Shuggie Otis’ Inspiration Information, and Gang Starr’s Step in the Arena.

For the final post of my Learning to be anti-racist series (though nowhere remotely close to the end of the learning I still personally have to do), Jurassic 5’s Power in Numbers.


[Album 792/1001]

The multiple lead-vocalist format: I’m a big fan.

In part because, the more you listen, the more you start to recognize each vocalist’s unique contributions.

And better yet, over time, I find I tend to gravitate to different vocalists within the same group.

For example, with Sloan (or rather, Sloooooooooooooooooooan):220px-Power_in_Numbers (1)
– In high school, I was all about Patrick
– University? Andrew, all the way
– Post-school / pre-kids? Chris, no contest
– These days? I’m finding the Jay tunes are jumping out at me!

And I wouldn’t be surprised to have a similar journey with Jurassic 5 (or J5).

At the moment, I find I look forward to Chali 2na’s verses the most.

Though I wouldn’t be surprised if after a few more listens, I start to gravitate to Soup’s stanzas.

Shortly thereafter, I could see myself beginning to eagerly anticipate Mark 7even’s entries.

In any event, the album title is apt, as the multiple MC format works wonders here.

Perhaps never better than in the tune, If You Only Knew.

The chorus sums up their mission statement nicely (and as you’ll hear in the video below, mission nicely accomplished as well):

If you only knew, the trials and tribulations we’ve been through
But if you only knew, we real people homey just like you
We humble but don’t mistake us for some corny ass crew
What we do is try to give you whatcha ain’t used to
(Soul Music Something We Can All Relate To)


Helpful Resources

“To win the fight for equity, we will all need to speak up and stand up. We will all need to do that even when it’s hard and even when we feel out of place.”
– Nita Mosby Tyler

Another engaging Ted Talk, this time about the importance of ‘unlikely allies.’

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  1. I really like Quality Control from 2000 – Aaron from KMA recommended this one, so I have it in a playlist of stuff to listen to sometime.

  2. I guess I’m still in High School as I dig those Patrick tunes from Sloan! lol. Goes to show you depth of Sloan’s talent as each guy contributes.
    Than again lately I’ve been digging Andrews stuff more so I guess I graduated to University ( which I never attended) lol

    • Hear hear, for Sloan’s talent depth!
      I was happy to see them end up on T-Bone’s concert list – and now I’m keen to see “T-Bone” reading that list on video as well!

  3. Love love love Jurassic 5. Instant Like!

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