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Artist of the Week IV – Quiz #30

July 26, 2020


Exceptional Artist of the Week IV Series logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

2020 Artists of the Week (so far):

The CurePublic Enemy, Steely Dan, Taylor Swift, Venom, Chuck Berry, Dixie Chicks, Billy Idol, Randy Newman, Jay-Z, Alanis Morissette, Pulp, The Byrds, Love, Queen Latifah, Muddy Waters, Robbie Williams, Rage Against the Machine, The Cars, Janet Jackson, King Crimson, Arcade Fire, James Brown, Daft Punk, PJ Harvey, Soundgarden, Dave Matthews Band, Stephen Stills, New Order


My thanks to all who have participated in the “Artist of the Week” quizzes so far.

Congrats to all those who correctly identified New Order last week.

The results after 29 weeks (as of Wednesday evening – results submitted after that time will be added to next week’s spreadsheet):


after week 29


Ready for Quiz #30?

Come on try a little!


Quiz Rules/Format
(Same as last year, feel free to skip to the quiz if you know the rules already)

Your Task: Name the mystery Artist, ideally with as few clues as possible.

Correctly guess the artist on the first clue? 500 points.

After scrolling down to the second clue? 400 points.

Still don’t know after the fifth clue? 0 points, but a crisp high-five for participating.

I’ll use google translate to put the correct answer at the bottom in Arabic (if you read Arabic, that’s fantastic, but no cheating by reading ahead!) and you can translate it back to the language of your choice to confirm your answer.

In the comments, please enter your POINTS earned (not the artist name) and I’ll keep track of the running totals in a spreadsheet.

In addition to eternal bragging rights, the winner at the end of the year may even get something as prestigious as a digital certificate.

Here goes!


Artist of the Week #30
Record POINTS Earned (Not Artist Name) in the comments
(scroll down for additional clues)


500 points…………………American band, formed in Los Angeles.

I don’t always complain about albums being excluded from the 1001 list…but when it’s an album like this group’s 1996 effort, Bringing Down the Horse, I can’t help but feel shocked & chagrined, mortified & stupefied* by such an egregious omission!






400 points…………………The first side of that album is so strong, it’s almost like a greatest hits. A couple of the song names, in visual form:

Untitled presentation (32)






300 points……………………The band shares a name with the film, The Perks of Being a ____________(s)

Untitled presentation (34)






200 points………………..As the usual ____ + _____ = ____________ clue, one-word, two-part band name:

part #1: 1979 Pink Floyd double album, The ________

part #2: The nicknames (based on the French surnames) of Guy Lafleur + Marc Andre Fleury

Untitled presentation (33)






100 points………………..The artist is The W____________s





Answer: زهور الحائط

(Please post your points earned in the comments section)

Thanks for playing!


Verbalize the Positive

*One of the all-time great recurring characters, Jackie Chiles!

From → 1990s

  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Missed the first clue but got it on the second. 400 for me.

  2. Oh god it gets worse 200 points.

  3. 500. Lucky I was the right age to remember that record.

    • Our similar ages have probably helped with many of the references in clues over the years as well!

      • Maybe I should get a handicap! I’m still behind from my ignorance about Venom though.

      • Not to worry, I wouldn’t anticipate too many more artists from the ‘black metal’ genre to appear on these quizzes, Venom represents pretty much my entirely knowledge of the subgenre!

  4. Harrison permalink

    A little petit zero please, as opposed to a big fat one

  5. 300 — though, I particularly love your rebuses for the 400 clue!

  6. 400 for me. Love these guys, even though I missed the first clue.

  7. 500 smackers as I have this one loaded up on my 125 gb iPod. You remember one of the first iPods with the dial in in the middle!
    Were talking old school lol
    Seen these fella’s here about 5-6 years ago. That was a killer debut.

    • That was a state of the art iPod at the time!
      Agreed about the debut – what a side one especially.
      Stellar work, Deke!

      • Not to many Side 1’s are deemed stellar. Next Sunday I have a post coming up that has all of Side 1 that was released as singles!

      • That sounds promising, Deke – maybe Hysteria? Slippery When Wet? I look forward to it, whatever it ends up being!

      • 2 great picks Geoff and you are correct with one of them!

      • Yay! I’ll be keen to see which one soon!

      • Thanks for the support!

  8. 500. I can vouch for the quality of the album. We played it a lot in store.

  9. 100 points. This is different planet stuff for me.

  10. I’ll take a 300 today.

  11. Zack permalink

    500. Bringing Down the Horse isn’t on the list? Did they have another album? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything from them not on that album (or Godzilla).

    • I believe they’ve had a few – the only other one I have is ‘Red Letter Days’ & it’s a good one too.
      I usually understand omissions from the list, but this is one I still struggle with!

  12. I got 400 and a good laugh from the Guy Lafleur clue!

  13. Sitting on the edges of the dancefloor for me. 200 points.

    • Nice work on the Pink Floyd / Hockey clue, TVTA – speaking French paid off with the last names this week!

  14. 500 points for me and Mika.

  15. 300 please. Never heard of ’em. Am I being an arrogant colonial type again?

    • They may have been a North American phenomenon – you may have heard of the singer’s dad though, Robert Zimmerman!

      • No, sorry Geoff Not ringing any chines of freedom here at all.

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