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Devendra Banhart – Rejoicing in the Hands (2004)

May 30, 2020

[Album 776/1001]

Do you have a group that you will see every time they come to town, no excuses?

On that list for me: A Canadian folk trio named The Good Lovelies.

My wonderful wife & I have seen them many times and when in-person concerts resume, we’ll continue to see them each & every time they make a cameo in Kingston.

The big selling point of the shows?

Well, in addition to the splendid songs themselves, the funny between-tune banter, the audience participation on certain songs…I imagine most would agree, there’s just no substitute for their terrific three-part harmonies.

Last weekend, when they performed a livestream concert using zoom, of course we tuned in (and of course it was excellent). And they humorously demonstrated the technical difficulties of attempting to sing in 3-part harmony from 3-separate locations with 3-separate internet connections.

So while the rotating solo performances were still great (and we’ll certainly watch again if they have another online show), it was a reminder of how some artists are just meant to be experienced, rather than streamed, live.



If Devendra Banhart were to come to town, I think I’d enjoy seeing him live.

Until that happens, the good news is, I bet most of Rejoicing in the Hands would work quite well in the livestream format.DB-Rejoicing

Singer + acoustic guitar + folk tunes + minor key plucking?

It feels like the kind of recipe that would work well in any era.

Banhart’s tunes wouldn’t have sounded out of place at an early ’70s folk festival (alongside contemporary tracks like Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche) & I imagine they’d transmit equally well over a webcam in 2020.

As is the case with music that sounds ‘timeless’ rather than ‘timely,’ his songs would also be effective somewhere / sometime /some medium in between, say on a 2004 album, such as Rejoicing in the Hands.


Verbalize the Positive

On December 1st, 2019 – I was at Album 701/1001.

By December 1st, 2020 – My plan is to arrive at Album 851/1001 (leaving 150 for the 10th year of 1001albumsin10years, ideally wrapping things up by December 1st, 2021).

And I’m delighted to report that by arriving at Album 776/1001 just prior to June 1st, I’m actually on schedule!

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  1. Sloan is that band for me. Whatever night they come to town I will go. Headstones were another band for me but since they got back together they have not come back and thats due to wanting to much dough.

    • Sloooooooooooaan is an excellent choice, Deke!
      I was on the fence about seeing them last time – finally, on the week of the show, I decided, who am I kidding, I want to go. And of course it was sold out by then, lesson learned!

  2. Manic Street Preachers for me, although I sit out stadium shows because I need to be able to see the whites of their eyes.

    • Understandably!
      I’d be interested in seeing them & that may be the trick, to see them in Canada where the crowds would be smaller.
      I remember really enjoying seeing Blue Rodeo in Glasgow in a small club, as opposed to the usual arena-sized shows at home!

  3. A band I would go see every time they are in town? So far, no. But in my six years in this city, I have caught Lep and Kiss twice since we’ve been here, but not every time.

    • And those tickets wouldn’t exactly be inexpensive either!
      For the Good Lovelies, they’re great as tickets are usually in the ballpark of $25-30, it’s usually at a large church downtown, so the acoustics are terrific too

      • That is the main reason, yes. My problem is that the bands don’t seem to hit Charlotte on every tour, so I miss a bunch of shows that way too. But $ is the key.

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