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Os Mutantes – Os Mutantes (1968)

May 26, 2020

[Album 772/1001]

“Are mutants the next link in the evolutionary chain?”
– X2 (X-Men United)

What does Brazilian music sound like?

From my (extremely limited) experience so far, I’d say it ranges from Samba to Sepultura.

But how did that musical evolution possibly occur?

Based on their self-titled album, I credit the Mutants, or Os Mutantes!



Admittedly, eu não falo português.

And so when I all of a sudden understand what the singer is singing, I have a moment of misguided pride (eu entendo português?!)…before I realize the lyrics are in a language that I already speak.

Such as Astrud Gilberto‘s English Girl From Ipanema verse to open Getz/Gilbertoor when Le Premier Bonheur du Jour featured lyrics en Français here.220px-Os_Mutantes

At the other end of the space-time continuum, the percussive patterns & fuzz guitar on Ave Genghis Khan started to venture in a more Sepultura direction (and Genghis Khan himself might have been a good lyrical subject matter fit on Arise &/or Roots)

Somewhere in between, you have a pub sing-a-long vibe courtesy of Senhor F – which was reminiscent of Rene by Small Faces – which was a group that would eventually become Faces, featuring Rod Stewart – who would eventually record Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? as a solo artist – which was a song that unintentionally copied the track, Taj Mahal, written by Brazilian musician Jorge Ben.

I suppose I could have just said Jorge is credited as a songwriter on Os Mutantes (as is Caetano Veloso), but where’s the fun in such a direct connection?!


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to shorts weather!

From → 1960s

  1. I’ve never heard this,which
    I should probably rectify sometime.

    • I enjoyed it – like the UK 1980-2010 Top 10 list, this would currently be on my Brazil 1960-2010 list!

      • I think I’ve heard about three Brazilian albums ever. Does Duke Ellington’s Latin America Suite count?

  2. Cheers to shorts as well! Which will come as no surprise to you I have never heard of these guys. Lot’s of galloping horn action on that track you posted.

    • I think that would be true for maybe 70% of the 1001 list for me – if not for the list, I probably wouldn’t have encountered the majority of these artists. But in so many of the cases (this one included), I’m glad I did!

  3. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon has nothing on Six Degrees of Jorge Ben

  4. Kent Rudasill permalink

    Stephen, I just discovered your site today. Congrats! I’m going to attempt it also. Anyway, I have a note that you may want to pay attention to if you’re OCD and want to finish the whole list… “This Is Fats” may actually be the wrong record. The description names Blueberry Hill as the opening track, and the year listed is ’56. So either the cover of the album pictured (and one word of the name) ain’t right, or the track listing (and review) are for a different album than what was intended. “This Is Fats Domino!” is the album that should have been named (and pictured), in my opinion. It was released in ’56, and has the correct sequence of songs. 1957’s “This Is Fats” has the right name (and cover), but I think the album that should be on everyone’s bucket list according to Robert Dimery and Tristan de Lancey. I’m going to see if I can get them to comment, and if so, I’ll let you know.

    • Cheers, Kent!
      Interesting to read about the Fats variations – it’s a funny challenge too as I’m going through the 2005 book. A lot of the albums I’ve heard no longer appear in the revised versions, as they’ve been replaced by newer albums but the total number has stayed constant at 1001.
      So I guess I no longer ‘need’ to hear some of them?
      But my plan is to finish the 2005 book by December 2021 – and then I’ll only be 16 years behind on music!
      Thanks for reading/commenting, good luck with the project!

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