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The Slits – Cut (1979)

May 14, 2020

[Album 767/1001]

“The typical boy gets the typical girl”
– The Slits, Typical Girls

I’m painfully aware of my typical-ness.

And I imagine The Slits would be considered a trio of atypical girls.

Which may be why I didn’t ‘get’ the appeal of The Slits right away.220px-Cut_(The_Slits)

To borrow the name of the opening track, it wasn’t an Instant Hit.

It sounded a bit like a young Björk, with Talking Heads as her backing band.

But then the more I listened, the more I realized that I’d had the same initial reaction to those artists as well.

After a while, the bizarreness of Björk became brilliance, the weirdness of Talking Heads became wonderful.

And i would not be remotely surprised if a similar transformation happens here!


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to local restaurants doing an amazing job adjusting to a delivery / take-away business model!

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  1. Whoa Whoa what kind of cover do we have here??!! lol
    My buddy loved the Slits and it’s neat that you ended up liking 2 more acts because of it.
    A 3 for 1 special.

    • I don’t think it’s the kind of cover released by the kind of ‘typical girls’ they were singing about – and 3 for the price of 1 is my kind of promo!

  2. I know the cover well, but not the band. I don’t know if you could get away with a cover like that nowadays. The 70’s were full of naked covers, good times! 🙂

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