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Drive Like Jehu – Yank Crime (1994) & Rocket from the Crypt – Scream, Dracula, Scream! (1995)

May 12, 2020

[Albums 765 & 766 / 1001]

And what do these albums have in common, you might ask?

Well, both featured guitarist / vocalist John Reis.

If you’re looking for (Chris Farley air quotes) “an actual connection” between these 2 albums & artists, I suppose that would be an acceptable answer.

In my case, I found these albums had more to do with sprints vs. marathons.


Untitled presentation (18)


Over the last few weeks, I’ve started running a new 5K loop.

It’s uphill for most the first half & then a pleasant downhill coming home (which is much preferable to vice versa!)

On a couple of recent runs, Drive Like Jehu provided the soundtrack.220px-Drive_Like_Jehu_-_Yank_Crime_cover (1)

On Day 1, I listened to the first half of Yank Crime.

I’m not entirely certain how one would actually drive in a similar manner to ‘Jehu’ (I assume it means driving responsibly, with hands at 10 & 2, maintaining a minimum eye lead time of 12-15 seconds, with frequent shoulder checks)…but when running, I seemed to interpret it as:

– Behave myself on the first half of the run

– Go all Bryan Adams 1984 album-ly on the trip home!

The pace was unsustainable: if I’d tried to extend the run, my body would have started sounding like the guitar feedback at the end of the track, Luau.

And it was a similar story on Day 2 with the remaining tracks.

The whole album at one go would be a bit much for me…like immediately attempting to go back out for another 5K loop.

The album worked best split into 2 sessions, with a day break in between.



A couple of weekends ago, I settled in for a marketing marking marathon.

As it required some endurance on my part, Drive for Jehu would have been an awkward fit for the task.

Rocket From The Crypt, however, paired quite nicely with the pile of ethics case studies.

I had the album playing on a loop, so each time the album circled back to the incredibly catchy On a Rope chorus, it was a like a progress check.220px-Rocket_from_the_Crypt_-_Scream,_Dracula,_Scream!_cover (1)

Like the Yank Crime kilometre bell dinging every 4 minutes or so, here it was On a Rope every 44 minutes!

Picture 1994 Elvis Costello + the more aggressive songs from 1995 Soul Asylum + horns (a trio of favourable ingredients in my books), and you’d have something approximating Scream, Dracula, Scream!

It was intense enough to keep me going, but (despite what I might have predicted from its title) never intrusive enough to be disruptive.

And when future marking piles arrive, it’ll be nice to have this one ready to go in the background.


Verbalize the Positive

I’m always impressed that students continually bring up different ideas & perspectives in these projects that I hadn’t anticipated!

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  1. I don’t know either of these albums, but Jehu is from the Bible. Apparently he drove his chariot like a maniac.

  2. I loved On A Rope bac in the good old days of PRock TV. Always planned to get the album but never got around to it

    • I quite liked it, pretty consistent listen throughout – it was on apple music so that’s how I heard it. But now, like you, I do plan on getting it if I see it!

  3. Thats a good run Geoff. 5km! I really need to get my bike back out and riding to and from work but every morning its like -10 and at 5 am I’m like ” AAAAAAAAARGH, Tomorrow maybe??” that was about 3 weeks ago. lol See there’s a pattern developing.
    With the long weekend coming up I think hoping on it may be the thing to do!

    • I’m with you, Deke – I can’t say I do too much running when the temperature starts with a ‘-‘ symbol!
      We had a rollercoaster weather day today (as you saw with the hail), in theory it’s 17 on the weekend, so there’s hope for the bike yet!

      • Supposed to be around 20 this weekend. Let’s hope.

      • fingers crossed!

      • Well now it’s changed. Rain Friday and Sat Sun mix of sun/cloud between 10 and 15. We will take it.

      • At least all with a ‘+’ sign in front of the numbers, in double digits even, bonus!

      • True it’s changed again temps a little higher haha see what happens

  4. I RFTC unreservedly, good ol’ Speedo and the boys. They were a truly ferocious proposition live.

    • I could imagine some of these tunes being dynamite in person – I hadn’t heard of them before this year, glad to have made their acquaintance!

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