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The Isley Brothers – 3 + 3 (1973)

May 9, 2020

[Album 764/1001]

On Thursday night, I participated in another Grad Club trivia night via newfangled tech (video conference with friends to discuss our team’s answers), somewhat older-fangled tech (email to submit the answers), and pure old-school tech (listening to the trivia questions on the radio @ CFRC 101.9 fm).

The final category of the night? Memorable song intros.

We earned a respectable 45/48 for the round and narrowly missed being on the podium.

Not included in the category that night? The Isley Brothers’ That Lady.

Which is a shame, as:

a) I know this song name & artist (and was unable to help my team correctly identify the song names that we missed by Pat Benatar / My Chemical Romance / RuPaul)

b) It is as memorable an intro as I’ve heard!



I should note, the rest of the album is also quite enjoyable.

There’s likely a clever play to be made on the album title (3 + 3), something about the album being equal to the sum of its parts, everything balanced appropriately.

And at times during the album, there are upwards of 6 vocalists harmonizing, many words could and perhaps should be typed in acknowledgement of the vocal Isley_brothers_3_+_3_albumachievements.

But for me, everything stands somewhat in the shadow of the album-opening That Lady‘s 30-second instrumental intro.

As shown below, it has been repurposed several times in films/TV shows, often as shorthand for, “Introducing an important woman.”

Which is exactly what makes it such an devastatingly effective intro: without saying a word, it insists (or rather, the guitar wails) “something important is about to happen, pay attention.”

They certainly got my attention right away!


that lady


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to the Grad Club for hosting the weekly trivia nights & for mixing the old/new-school technology so effectively!

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  1. You could probably also do three best That Lady samples.

  2. A memorable intro will make or break a song for you that’s for sure.
    One of the best intros is Runnin With The Devil with the Siren wailing and the thump of the Bass right into the guitar and drums is so ear grabbing.

    • I’m pleased you brought up Runnin with the Devil Deke – it’s funny, despite their ridiculous talent & abilities to play at lightning speed, that super simple, single repeated quarter note bass intro is my favourite VH intro. So good – And to open the debut with it, brilliant!

      • I’m currently reading Ted Templeman’s bio and he as you know produced those 6 Roth Halen albums.
        Some pretty cool stories on them and the Doobie Brothers as well.

      • sounds like a good read!

      • It is as he doesn’t spill the beans on bands etc but does talk openly about conflict in recording albums with artists which is fair. I’m basically at around the early 80s point in the book and VH is soaring but there’s trouble a-brewing in Camp Halen.

      • I like the sounds of that – where it’s not gossip-y but it does give you a glimpse behind the scenes in the studio.
        And speaking of 80s, I’m now enjoying the 87 Canada Cup – trouble-a-brewing in the series so far (Canada’s down 4-1 in the second period of game 1) but I have a feeling there are better days ahead!

      • That was quite the series! That was must see TV at the time.

  3. Nice one, I think the Isley brothers were great. I’m still working to prove that they were actually Welsh so we can claim them for our own.

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