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Doves – Lost Souls (2000), Mike Ladd – Welcome to the Afterfuture (2000), Lambchop – Nixon (2000), Giant Sand – Chore of Enchantment (2000)

May 5, 2020

[Albums 759, 760, 761, 762 / 1001]

If not for the 1001 list, would I have heard ________?

Or would I have inevitably heard _______, list or no list?

I sometimes have those sorts of Matrix-esque fate vs. free will musings.

So I decided to look at a quartet of albums from (the distant future) the year 2000.

If I hadn’t embarked on this 1001 albums project, what are the chances that I still would have heard these albums?

And perhaps more importantly, after December 1, 2021, what are the odds that I will choose to listen to these albums again?


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1. Low PRE / Low POST: Mike Ladd, Welcome to the Afterfuture
Sometimes, I’m just not the target audience.

And this is one thing at which the 1001 list has been remarkably consistent at reminding me.

There are no shortage of notable similes here (“like an engineer for Chrysler who spendsdownload (3) his time with Volvos” or “that’s like real life being synonymous with General Hospital)…but there’s also no shortage of music I would still like to hear one day.

So I’d say the odds of me hearing this again are…not good.

Not good like, 1 out of 100? 1 out of a million?

I guess I’m telling you there’s a chance!



2. Low PRE / High POST: Lambchop, Nixon
It wasn’t my cuppa before…but it sure is now.

I am struggling to envision a scenario pre-2011 where I would have sought out this one.

Lambchop? Like the children’s TV series, Lamb Chop’s Play-Along?

Nixon? As in, Richard Milhous?

Based out of Nashville? You mean, like, where country music is made?Lambchop-Nixon_(album_cover)

Yep, the odds wouldn’t have been in Lambchop’s favour.

Although these days, I’ve changed my tune & I’d wager this isn’t the last time I’ll hear these 10 tracks.

With the genre of alternative country now firmly in the category of right up my street, Nashville’s has joined my to-visit list.

As far as children’s TV goes ’round here, Lamb Chop’s Play-Along might provide a refreshing break from the relentless Paw Patrol.

So with this Nixon, I guess everything’s coming up Milhous after all!



3. High PRE / Low POST: Giant Sand, Chore of Enchantment
“You’re good kid real good, but as long as I’m around you’ll always be second best”
– Jim Carrey, The Mask (which I gather was a tip of the hat to The Cincinnati Kid)

Albums like Chore of Enchantment are in a tricky position when it comes to recreational re-listens.

It was good, real good.

But as long as I have access to some of its contemporaries (or substitutes), I have a feeling it will always be my second choice.Giant-Sand-Chore-Of-Enchantment

An album highlight from the year 2000 named, Shiver? I would probably be more likely to revisit Coldplay’s Parachutes.

A 3-syllable term describing someone’s condition in Tennessee’s second largest city? I imagine I’d select The Hold Steady’s Sequestered in Memphis over Giant Sand’s Astonished (in Memphis).

An album released when I was in high school, whose cover features a formally dressed couple over top of a blue background, cropped so that we do not see the heads of the photo subjects? Again, chances are I’d go with Matthew Good Band’s Underdogs.

With or without the list, I’m sure Giant Sand & I would have crossed paths.

It’s just not a sure thing, not the kind of hand to go all-in with, that we’ll do so again soon.



4. High PRE / High POST: Doves, Lost Souls
Sometimes, I’m fully & completely the target audience.

If I wasn’t sold by the first 3 tracks (which I was), the 4th song, Sea Song, sealed the deal.220px-Doves_Lost_Souls

The 6/8 time signature, almost like a meeting of Jeff Buckley’s Grace & Supergrass’ Late in the Day?

Sign me up, waive the conditions on financing/further inspection, I’m in!

762 albums in, it’s very nice to run into these albums that seem like old friends.

And it’s nice to keep in touch with new-to-me old friends & I anticipate we’ll do just that.



Verbalize the Positive

As yesterday was May the 4th, Happy belated Cinco de Cuatro day!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    I’m glad to hear you appreciated Doves’ debut. All four of their albums are excellent. After a bit of a hiatus, we’re actually expecting new material this year.

    • After I clicked published, I realized Sea Song has a bit of ‘last night i dreamt that somebody loved me’ as well – that doesn’t hurt its appeal either!

  2. Nice use of the Carrey references. Dumb and Dumber is Movie Gold, lol. My favorite part is when Carrey makes the world’s most annoying sound in the world.
    That gets me every time


    • When I heard Dusty Springfield’s ‘A girl named Dusty’ (on the 1001), I was shocked to learn Mockingbird was an actual song!

  3. I only have the Lambchop one, which I liberated from an op shop for $1. It’s good, and I should check out their other stuff sometime. I’ve seen them live too.

  4. Meh. That’s all I’ve got to add with all my wit and repartee.

    • The addition is more valuable than you may realize, Joe – the next time I find myself with a limited amount to say about an album, ‘meh’ may be the review!

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