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Chic – Risqué (1979)

April 28, 2020

[Album 758/1001]

“We want the best, we won’t settle for less
Don’t be a drag, participate”
– Chic, Good Times

This album is indeed, good times.

However, at the risk of being a drag, I think the times could be even better.

My concern lies with the strongest 3 tracks on the album, the opening 1-2-3 trifecta.

Make no mistake, there’s more than plenty to like in this trio: my fear is that at their current running times, it’s too much of a good thing.




Like Chic, I merely want the best & I simply won’t settle for less.

So here is my proposal to the group:

– Trim 1-2 minutes from each of the side one tracks.

– Create a new track #4, to round out side one & balance the sides at 4 tracks apiece220px-Chic-Risque

– Make this track a ‘best of’ tracks 1-2-3 (if it’s not too much to ask, ensure it has a sample-worthy bass line, seductive whispers, and an irresistibly dance-able chorus)

In this manner, the running time is more evenly distributed & no individual track approaches the point of diminishing marginal returns.

Now there’s the slight / relatively insignificant issue that my suggestion may be 41 years too late…but wouldn’t such a bold / illogical album revision make it all the more Risqué?


Chic (1)


Verbalize the Positive

Great to see great people being recognized (especially when they’re folks that don’t seek out the spotlight and instead, quietly build community from behind the scenes).

In this case, Sue Williamson (your friend & mine, Superdekes, is her husband) for the recent recognition of her wonderful bread baking initiative!


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  1. I used to have a theory that between 4 and 6 minutes is the bad length for songs – if they’re longer, they’re a deserved epic, if they’re shorter they’re nice and succinct.

    • That theory has plenty of merit – 7+ minute songs like Stevie Wonder’s Living for the City would fit that deserved epic description. These ones here are terrific at first, they just don’t really add anything new in the last couple minutes (it just sort of loops) & I imagine a DJ would fade into another song before the end if played at a dance.
      But if they took my advice…we’ll see!

  2. Thanks so much for writeup in recognition of Sue and her bread making which has gone to another level since this article was posted. She’s blown away by the support and kind comments that have been coming here way. Deservedly so.
    As I tell her a feel good story in a not so feel good time.
    Thanks again Geoff for the kind words. I will make sure Sue see’s this!

    • My pleasure, Deke – feel-good stories like this ought to be shared! That’s fantastic to hear about the response to her bread-making. When these sorts of stories take off, other people start doing it in their communities and then the good deeds just grow from there!

  3. Yeah Sue!! And I think Chic should go back and do re-issues and update with your suggestions. I’m sure that would be no problem.

    • 3 cheers for Sue!
      I can imagine that band meeting – OK, so we’ve got a critically acclaimed album due for an anniversary re-issue. Some dude in Canada suggested we do the following edits, let’s do this!

  4. Thank you for such a kind shout out. I’m happy to show the frontline workers that they’re supported. Also no matter what their role is that they’re valued and that their efforts are noticed. It takes a village to raise children but it takes an incredible village of people to share their incredible knowledge, skills, empathy, compassion and dedication to provide exceptional care during life’s most challenging moments. I’m proud of my frontline workers. Thank you again to the village of front line workers for all you are doing ❤️ May you stay safe and healthy❤️

  5. That’s amazing! The story about Mrs Deke, I mean. What a heroine.

    Chic, who I do love, should have got second billing here I reckon. I’m with you on the LP, it has peaks but it isn’t half as good as ‘Tres Chic’. Although ‘risque’ is one of my very favourite words.

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