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George Jones – The Grand Tour (1974)

April 21, 2020

[Album 754/1001]

I love a good misdirect.

In this case, what pictures come to mind when you hear it’s time for The Grand Tour?

I imagined I was about to be taken on a walk-through of wealth / extravagance / ostentatious decor, with no shortage of self-aggrandizement along the way.


George Jones, somberly guiding the listener through “a lonely house that was once home sweet home.”

And after a surprising twist intro like that, I was all ears the rest of the way.

The other major standout was likely the closing track, Our Private Life, where George sings about the day-to-day experience of being a headline in tabloid magazines.

The line, “Have you ever stopped to think that he’s only a human too,” makes for a fitting closing verse to the album.

Having a bit of privacy, in a not-so-lonely house?

I think most would agree, that sounds pretty grand.


Verbalize the Positive

I gather when some convert to a new religion later in life, they may become all the more fervent in their devotion.

As I am considerably late to the country party, I may be guilty of such over-the-top enthusiasm (perhaps in a bid to make up for lost time?) – but I’m certainly enjoying these classic country albums now that I’m finally here!

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  1. Never worry about being late to the party Geoff!
    There’s always a beer in the fridge with your name on it if you ever make it through this way!
    Burger as well!

    • That beer & burger combo sounds delicious, Deke!
      The drive across Canada is definitely in the long-term plans – it may be a bit ambitious try in the short-term with a toddler!

  2. I’m with George, I hate making the tabloids!

  3. Never heard this, but I imagine it’s good. Just based on the sideburns.

  4. I happen to be wearing my George Jones shirt today.

  5. I remember his Greatest Hits albums being sold on TV a lot back in the ’80s. Available on LP, cassette, or 8 track!

    • I’d love to have that 8-track!
      I keep meaning to try calling one of those numbers from old commercials – I wonder if there’s still a way to order the George Jones album, or the highlights of the 1992 Stanley Cup VHS?!

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