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Sebadoh – Bubble & Scrape (1993)

April 1, 2020

[Album 747/1001]

Would you rather…

a) be compared to good artists in their prime?


b) be compared to great artists at their off-peak?


In Sebadoh’s case, I found Bubble & Scrape often reminded me of either:

a) A mid-90s Matthew Sweet/Nada Surf mashup220px-Bubbleandscrape

Depending on the track, it might have been Sweet backed by Nada Surf (Two Years Two Days) or vice versa (Forced Love)


b) Good songs from Great Pavement & Sloan albums (like Here from Slanted and Enchanted & I Can’t Sleep from Never Hear the End of It)

The comparable Sebadoh tracks would be Homemade and Fantastic Disaster, respectively.


So would you rather a) or b)?

I suppose either option would be a nice problem to have!


Verbalize the Positive

In the absence of current sporting events, I’ve been enjoying the vintage hockey/baseball games being shown on Sportsnet.

The Jays are currently up 2-1 in the 1992 World Series vs. Atlanta, I’ve got a good feeling about game 4!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    I had a bunch of friends into Sebadoh in the 90s. I could totally see them in the same headspace as Pavement.

    I’ve been watching the replay of the Raptors playoff run. Leonard’s “shot” was just as exciting last night.

    • Did you ever watch Community?
      There was a great episode where they rolled a die & ended up creating 6 different timelines.
      I’m fascinated by that notion with the 4-bounce, buzzer-beater shot.
      If that ball bounces out on the 4th bounce & the 76ers win in OT:
      – Khawi is the guy that took a low-percentage shot & missed
      – He’s also the one who missed a free-throw moments earlier
      – He’s the guy that chokes & is selfish when it matters most…
      However, I’m pleased that timeline didn’t happen & instead, it’s the biggest play & he’ll be a forever a legend in Raptor history!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        You’re definitely right about that second one. A lot of people forget that his miraculous shot might not have been necessary if he had made his free throws. Or if he had hustled back and tried to stop Jimmy Buckets from tying the game. It was an excellent game nonetheless. And all those bad ref calls weren’t quite as irksome knowing the final outcome. Game 3 of the conference finals against the Bucks is another one I’d like to watch again. That was a great game.

      • I imagine it should be on in the next few days!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Oh, and no. I never did watch Community with any regularity. The few moments I did catch were hilarious though. I sometimes consider trying to watch more television… but then that would take time away from the music…

      • It may take a couple episodes (the first part of season 1 they’re still finding the characters) but otherwise seasons 1-3 are exceptional!

  2. My brother dug this band so I know the name and sound from him. Being 10 years younger than me I took interest in seeing where his listening was heading as we all know what he heard coming from me! lol

    That Jays game when Sprague hit the home run shifted that series and than Gruber does the tomahawk chop when he hit his out. Classic stuff.

    • I had forgotten Sprague came off the bench to hit that home run too – 1 at bat, 1 HR, not a bad day’s work!

      • Exactly I still remember it which is even more impressive! LOL

  3. I would go with option A. Option B would be, “He sounds like ____ but he was never as good as ____.” or “A poor man’s ____.”

    • I imagine there’s a certain flattery to being in the same sentence as a Great artist.
      But when it’s with a qualifier like those, that wouldn’t be quite so ideal!

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