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John Prine – John Prine (1971)

March 31, 2020

[Album 746/1001]

A contender for the most potent song name of the 1001 list?220px-John_Prine_self-titled

Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore

I really like that message of actions speaking louder than words.

And I was amazed by Prine’s ability to create such vivid scenes with his lyrics on his self-titled debut.

A few samples:

“There’s a hole in daddy’s arm where all the money goes” – Sam Stone

“Well, a question ain’t really a question, if you know the answer too.” – Far From Me

“Steady losing means you ain’t using, what you really think is right” – Quiet Man

And both his melodies & words spoke loudly & effectively here.


Untitled presentation (28)


Verbalize the Positive

This post has been sitting in the ‘draft’ folder for a week or two, as I was unsure if I wanted to say anything else about the album.

After reading about his battle with Covid-19, I decided it was time to click publish.

I’m thinking of you today, John.

Although I hadn’t heard your music before this year, the great singer-songwriters have that rare ability to reel listeners in right away, as you certainly did with me on your debut here.

All the best to you & your family – I was thoroughly impressed by your debut and I am looking forward to catching up on the rest of your discography!

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  1. hanspostcard permalink

    My favorite John Prine album! Great songwriting.

    • Agreed, hanspostcard!
      I was surprised to read he was only 24 at the time – it really didn’t feel like a debut

      • hanspostcard permalink

        The songwriting so mature for a 24 year old. How could a 24 year old for example write a song like “Hello In There”- amazing. I am a big fan of John’s -this is a perfect album -he never topped it but to be fair he started out with an A++

  2. John Prine is the epitome of straight talker, he is also funny and caring and totally human. Has been a favorite for a long time. I was going to go see him this year but probably postponed.

    • The Flag Decal 3rd verse was such a perfect comment, timely even 5 decades later – the character’s so obsessed with outwardly promoting his favourite political slogans that his view literally gets obstructed!
      I like the sound of that funny/caring/human description, looking forward to exploring more of Prine’s work

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    I don’t really know much about John Prine or his music but my thoughts are with him right now nonetheless. We all need to beat this thing down.

  4. This record is so good – Angel from Montgomery, Donald and Lydia, Sam Stone…

  5. Nice writeup Geoff. Cool to see an album impact you this way on your 1001 List.

  6. I have yet to hear a note of this, but that really is some song title!

    • It was one of those great tracks where I was immediately impressed by the title & then even more impressed with the song itself!

  7. I had never heard of him until he got COVID-19. Not the best way to get on my radar. His music reminds me of Dylan’s.

  8. Well said Geoff.

    • My thanks, Bruce – though for a sad reason, it’s been nice seeing friends on facebook share their favourite Prine songs recently

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