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The Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen (1993)

March 26, 2020

[Album 744/1001]

“Hot Diggity Dog, where have you been all my life?”
– Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Belair, S2E16

This was Geoffrey (the Butler)’s reaction when seeing a woman, named Karen, for the first time.

Karen had surprised him while Geoffrey was outside.

Despite arriving from across the street, this was their initial meeting.

And Geoffrey was instantly enamored.

As shown below!



“Hot Diggity Dog, where have you been all my life?”
– Geoffrey from, Album #744/1001

This was Geoffrey (the blogger?)’s reaction when hearing a band, named The Afghan Whigs, for the first time.220px-Gentlemen

The band had surprised him on his iPod while Geoffrey was outside for a run.

Despite being music that would be the very definition/precise geographic location of ‘up his street,’ the band’s 1993 album, Gentlemen, was their initial meeting.

And Geoffrey was instantly enamored.

As hopefully shown by the words above!


Verbalize the Positive

A tip of the hat to my friend Mark for hosting a fun & incredibly difficult weekday Facebook quiz.

For the last 7 weekdays, his daughters have been making a morning craft & he’s posted a photo with the question, WHAT IS IT?

I’m 1 for 7 so far – here’s a photo of the one I guessed correctly!


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  1. People are getting creative thats for sure Geoff. Kudos to your buddies kids for putting your record at 1-7.
    Don’t feel bad as that score looked like some of Grade 9 Math Marks.
    Stay safe buddy!

    • My thanks, Deke – they’ve started painting in the craft quizzes this week, I haven’t been close at all!
      And you too, thanks for working to keep us safe!

      • I enjoy seeing you and the kids making racket to support the Troops in healthcare! Awesome tell the girls to keep it up!

      • Will do, Deke!

  2. Hey Geoff, I think your autocorrect might have been over zealous. Isn’t it Afghan Whigs?

    • Haha – I was so head over heels with the sound, I lost my spell-check abilities! My thanks, Bruce – to be corrected…

  3. The connection to Geoffrey from Fresh Prince is enough for me.
    I have heard of them, but never listened. Maybe I will give them a try.

    • It’s how I felt when I heard Screaming Trees for the first time – they probably don’t sound all that alike but both left me feeling, how is this the first time I’m hearing this?!

  4. I like the Fresh Prince tie in but for some reason this post reminded me more of The Jimmy.

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    The Afghan Whigs were a band that I heard about at the time, but never got around to checking out. I’ve been listening to a 90s alt-rock playlist on Spotify recently and coming across a lot of these bands/artists that I’d heard of but never heard. I’ll have to check out the Whigs.

  6. Jim is a big fan but they never quite hit home with me. I like Greg Dulli more for his work with mark Lanegan.

    • Funny you mention Lanegan – as this one reminded me a lot of Screaming Trees.
      They probably don’t sound all that similar, but it was that same feeling of, how am I just hearing this now?!

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