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The The – Soul Mining (1983) & Infected (1986)

March 5, 2020

[Album 733 & 734 / 1001]

Have you ever seen a court case where the prosecution & defense use the exact same evidence when making their arguments?

Though there was no courtroom battle following Game 5 of 2017 Stanley Cup Finals, both Sidney Crosby haters & fans could point to the same video to support their claims.

At the time, it inspired me to write a piece titled, “Why Everyone is Right about Sidney Crosby.”

I shared it with my friend Jim (a Sidney Crosby enthusiast) and his spouse Nicole (who, while not a Crosby fan, has excellent taste in music).

See Nicole’s succinct evaluation of my efforts below!





The ’80s: has there been a more polarizing musical decade?

Was it a decade to remember? A decade that is best forgotten?220px-The_The_-_Soul_Mining_CD_album_cover

The The’s Soul Mining (1983) & Infected (1986) could likely be used as supporting evidence for either side…

Prosecution: I mean, c’mon, the synthesizers?
Defense: I know, how can you not be in a good mood when listening!

Prosecution: But the singer, such an ’80s voice?
Defense: I know, he can actually sing!

Prosecution: But doesn’t it all sound a bit, dated?220px-The_The_-_Infected_CD_album_cover
Defense: If it’s of its time, wouldn’t that mean it really captured the zeitgeist?

Prosecution: Seriously, the name, The The?
Defense: Totally, what a great era for repeated-name artists, The The, Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Go Go’s

Prosecution: The ’80s suck!
Defense: I hear the great decades are always polarizing…


Verbalize the Positive

My favourite hockey writer is an author named Sean McIndoe (aka Down Goes Brown).

This post, though vastly inferior to his work, was almost certainly inspired by him, especially his brilliant piece from 2011, where he congratulated the winner of the Boston/Vancouver Stanley Cup, 12 hours before the game actually took place!

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  1. Feel like you wouldn’t give a band such a google unfriendly name these days. The Band is another bad one.

  2. For myself, it would be I survived the 80s haha.
    Great letter by your friend Nicole. “Anti Crosby Movement’ sounds like a name for an alternative band from the 90’s!

  3. The 80’s rule both for the timeless, great sounding albums of the era and those that seem dated. It is a Win-Win with the 80’s.

    • I certainly have enjoyed a lot of ‘new-to-me’ artists from the ’80s artists on the 1001 list, The The included!

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    I don’t know a lot of The The but what I do is great stuff. I love their name too but I agree with Aphoristical, not so great for the google.

  5. What a marvellous little piece, Geoff. You had me with that fab opening sentence.

    • My thanks, Bruce – much appreciated. You (and Joe) are really good at creating interesting Post titles to hook the reader, I’d like to keep getting better at doing so with the opening sentences!

  6. 500!! This guy I know. Jen has one of his collaboration albums and made me watch the included DVD.

  7. I grew up in the ’80s and my Mom had the radio tuned into a Top 40 station (Remember those?!?) all of the time. I shamelessly listen to it all now. As for the hockey thing, Go Jays!

    • Go Jays indeed!
      I started watching Game 4 of the 1992 ALCS (a silver lining of our current experience, they’re showing a bunch of classic games) – Alomar just got picked off at 1st base, but I have a feeling he’ll be on the scoresheet again later this game…

      • I caught a bit of Game 2 of the ’92 World Series. I was amazed at how much I remembered and how much I forgot!

      • Just finished Game 3 of the World Series this afternoon – nice to see Gruber break out of his slump with an 8th inning HR!

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