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Germs – GI (1979)

February 20, 2020

[Album 726/1001]

Elaine: She’s this crazy woman who is convinced that my Germs make her sick.
Puddy: Oh, germ-o-phobe. I know what that’s about.
Elaine: Huh?
Puddy (shows his necklace): I’m a recovering germ-o-phobe. Ten years.
Elaine: What is this symbol?
Puddy: It’s a germ.

The Seinfeld quote above (and video clip below) is tremendous for many reasons.

David Puddy, sitting still in absolute silence, for a good 2 seconds before the phone rings, might be my favourite moment in the entire Seinfeld series.

And I find it’s a bit of a relatable scene as I’m somewhat of a recovering germ-o-phobe myself.

Having kids has taught me that some exposure to germs in childhood can be beneficial in developing immune systems.

So I don’t have a necklace with a Germ symbol, but like Puddy, I’m probably somewhere around the 10-year mark of my long road up to recovery as well!



With the one and only album by the band Germs, I had nothing to fear.

Although, it appears, I had plenty to learn.

Prior to listening to GI, I hadn’t realized it was Pat Smear (who went on to play with Nirvana & Foo Fighters) on guitar.

I also didn’t know it was Joan Jett (who went on to…well, continue being the singer / songwriter / producer / composer / actress / Godmother of Punk / Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Joan Jett) as the producer here either.

Earlier this year, when I listened to Minor Threat’s Out of Step, I observed that with punk music, I tended to gravitate to longer tracks on shorter albums.220px-Germs_-_(GI)_cover

And I was pleased to learn that this tendency continued with GI.

16 tracks in just over 38 minutes (or 15 tracks in under 29 if you take out the closing track) would qualify as an efficient recording in my books.

As shown in the graph below, once again, it was the relatively longer tracks that got my attention.

Manimal, though I don’t always approve of compound names, certainly had an intro that earned my instant approval.

We Must Bleed‘s descending pattern was relentless & even non-punk enthusiasts could probably find something to like on The Other Newest One.

The individual musical highlight of the album may have been Lorna Doom’s bassline on Shut Down (Annihilation Man), evoking Pink Floyd‘s Money to round out the set.

I might not have reached the stage of fandom where I’ll start wearing the Germs logo on a necklace just yet…but I’m happy to see that my short-album, long-song theory holds up for now!



Verbalize the Positive

We have had the Rebel Girls books out again recently.

Nice to see Joan Jett make an appearance among the Rebel Girls!


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  1. Digging longer tracks on shorter albums. I guess I should call you Mr E.P! haha. Well if you don’t go with the necklace you can always get a ‘Germs’ tattoo!

  2. That is cool that Joan Jett produced and Pat Smear was on it. Don’t know this band, but I learned some interesting facts.

    • I’ve found that’s been part of the fun of the 1001 for me – I often don’t recognize the group name, but there will be some familiar names connected to it!

  3. “David Puddy, sitting still in absolute silence, for a good 2 seconds before the phone rings, might be my favourite moment in the entire Seinfeld series.”

    Yes!! Why is that so funny?

    • It was just such a perfect Puddy moment – of course he’d just be staring blankly when he was at home alone!

  4. I’m only aware of them due to the Nirvana connection, but I didn’t know Joan Jett worked with them. Probably not my cup of coffee, though.

    • I’m guessing it’s not one that will be heavily in the rotation here either – but good to have heard!

  5. Love this, how could I not? it’s nasty, queasy, brutish and short.

  6. I love this album. It sounds like everyone in that band has just met and learned to “play” their instruments mere minutes before heading into the recording studio. Somehow, this is the selling point for me.

    • Oh that would be a selling point for me too – there’s something refreshing about albums that don’t sound over-rehearsed!

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