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Artist of the Week IV – Quiz #6

February 9, 2020


Exceptional Artist of the Week IV Series logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

2020 Artists of the Week (so far):

The CurePublic Enemy, Steely Dan, Taylor Swift, Venom


My thanks to all who have participated in the “Artist of the Week” quizzes so far.

Congrats to all those who correctly identified Venom last week.

The results after 5 weeks (as of Wednesday evening – results submitted after that time will be added to next week’s spreadsheet):


after week 5


Ready for Quiz #6?

Go, Go!


Quiz Rules/Format
(Same as last year, feel free to skip to the quiz if you know the rules already)

Your Task: Name the mystery Artist, ideally with as few clues as possible.

Correctly guess the artist on the first clue? 500 points.

After scrolling down to the second clue? 400 points.

Still don’t know after the fifth clue? 0 points, but a crisp high-five for participating.

I’ll use google translate to put the correct answer at the bottom in Arabic (if you read Arabic, that’s fantastic, but no cheating by reading ahead!) and you can translate it back to the language of your choice to confirm your answer.

In the comments, please enter your POINTS earned (not the artist name) and I’ll keep track of the running totals in a spreadsheet.

In addition to eternal bragging rights, the winner at the end of the year may even get something as prestigious as a digital certificate.

Here goes!


Artist of the Week #6
Record POINTS Earned (Not Artist Name) in the comments
(scroll down for additional clues)


500 points…………………American male solo artist, born in St. Louis in 1926. He died in 2017 and was buried along with his Cherry Red Gibson ES-355 guitar.

Also, he’s ostensibly the person on the other end of this phone call:

Untitled presentation (2)






400 points……………….In his book, But What if We’re Wrong, author Chuck Klosterman argues that centuries from now, this artist (also known as “The Father of Rock n Roll”) will be remembered as the essence of Rock Music:

effectiveness (1)






300 points……………………Much like the lyric from his tune Johnny B. Goode, this artist really could play the guitar like he was ringin’ a bell!






200 points………………..His first name is a type of ground beef, ground ________; his second name is a fruit, sometimes paired with the prefixes straw/rasp/blue






100 points………………..The artist is C______ B______





Answer: تشاك بيري

(Please post your points earned in the comments section)

Thanks for playing!


Verbalize the Positive

Good old cousin Marvin!

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  1. 500. I’m much more comfortable at pretty much anything except metal.

  2. Harrison permalink

    Early in the morning I’m giving you my warning don’t take my 500 points away.

    • Harrison, I’m Gonna write a little letter, gonna mail it to my local DJ & ask him to deposit 500 points into your account!

      • Harrison permalink

        and be sure to tell Tchaikovsky the news

  3. 500 and I had forgotten he was gone.

  4. It’s the full 500 for me this morning!

  5. I speak only the language of 500 points. I don’t understand Espanol.

  6. 500 for me. The picture helped!

  7. 500 for me. He was the poet laureate of rock ‘n’ roll. And for that I’ll overlook the less seemly sides of his personality.

    • I imagine sometimes ‘less is more’ when it comes to knowing about celebrity personalities – but with quiz points, more is more, and I’ll add 500 more to your total, Joe!

      • If I only bought records by people I’d like if I met them, by blog would probably be called 37.

      • sadly, that would qualify as a true story!

  8. 500. Thanks for not alluding to the scary film about that doll!

    • Well done, Amrita – and I can promise that there will be very few scary doll film allusions on these quizzes!

      • Just let me hear that rock and roll music, anytime I play this quiz!

      • You got a perfect score, you can’t lose it – any old time you use it!

      • 😅 You could have alluded to Back to the Future though. That was a great sequence!

  9. 500 licks of School Days…

    Up in the mornin’ and out to school
    The teacher is teachin’ the Golden Rule
    American history and practical math
    You study’ em hard and hopin’ to pass
    Workin’ your fingers right down to the bone
    And the guy behind you won’t leave you alone

    Ring ring goes the bell
    The cook in the lunchroom’s ready to sell
    You’re lucky if you can find a seat
    You’re fortunate if you have time to eat
    Back in the classroom open you books
    Gee but the teacher don’t know
    How mean she looks

  10. Marvin’s cousin, isn’t he? 500.

  11. jprobichaud permalink

    500. Long live Michael J Fox!

  12. 500! Also, John Lennon’s hero!

  13. 500, this week!

    • Tremendous work, Adela – I hope your travels are going well!

      • Thank you so much, Stephen — they are indeed! I popped over to Chicago for a couple of days, but returned to the West Coast via San Francisco the other day! We are now roadtripping down to Palm Springs for Modernism Week — we are currently in Monterey, and driving to Santa Barbara today! I shall be sure to post some of my travel photos on my blog very soon!

      • Excellent to hear – enjoy!

  14. Zack permalink

    500. But I would have missed it if not for Marvin.

  15. 500! I needed the video clue to get it.

  16. I want to play with my my 400 points!

  17. 500 points each for me and Mika. I needed the picture. She did not.

    • Well then nice work on the picture clue, James & well done on the guitar make/model clue, Mika!

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