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Julian Cope – Peggy Suicide (1991)

February 4, 2020

[Album 719/1001]

For me, the guitar-based tune itself is always more important than the guitar tones.

No superior guitar tone can make up for an inferior tune.

That being said, sometimes a carefully chosen guitar tone can take a good tune to the next level.

As can only be explained by a 2 x 2 matrix!


effectiveness (3)


1. Leperskin
(Like the tune/Like the guitar tones)

Nothing wrong with this tune or its tones. Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily jump out of the running order.

2. Pristeen
(Like the tune/Really Like the guitar tones)220px-Jcopepeggysuicidealbum

If the tune initially gets the listener’s attention, the tones are what keeps the listener wanting to hear more. Makes a good opening track into a very good one.

3. Las Vegas Basement
(Really Like the tune/Like the guitar tones)

The acoustic closer makes for a nice, subdued finale. I hadn’t realized it was Mike Joyce* on the drums until after the fact – the Smiths association doesn’t hurt its cause!

4. Safesurfer
(Really Like the tune/Really Like the guitar tones)

Like a blueprint for the 1997 Oasis track, D’You Know What I Mean. The acoustic guitar propels the tune and then the soaring guitars lift off. Though it sprawls for 8+ minutes, I could easily handle more!


Verbalize the Positive

*As a teacher, I have experienced plenty of moments when I realize my students are far more clever than I’ll ever be.

One year on an accounting exam, I made up an ethics case study that borrowed its character names from the members of The Smiths.

The situation involved a CFO (named Mike Joyce) and his bookkeeper (Andy Rourke). Mike was pressuring Andy to record a sale this fiscal period, even though the revenue wouldn’t actually be earned until the next period.

In his analysis, a student (named Ben) correctly observed that Andy would be breaking the Revenue Recognition Principle if he did as Mike the CFO requested. Instead, the credit part of the transaction should be categorized as a liability (Unearned Revenue) until the service is provided next year.

Although I was impressed with his thorough analysis, it was Ben’s closing line that blew me away.

“Andy needs to tell Mike, You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby!”

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  1. Oh dear accounting, diagrams and the Smiths all connected to the Archdrude, I am now going to listen to Peggy Suicide in order to calm myself down. Nice diagram however.

  2. You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby is hilarious…

  3. Great story about your students! That had to be an A-plus for that person. Some 8-minute tunes if a band knows what there doing can make it seem to us the listener that 8 minutes flew by and did no limp by.
    Oasis’ Do You Know What I Mean being another. Such a great track.

    • Cheers Deke!
      And yes, there are definitely those 8 minute tracks where some editing would be more than beneficial.
      But if D’You Know was any shorter than 7, it just wouldn’t be right – I need that extended helicopter intro!

      • Yes its all about the chopper intro! How could I forget! lol

      • I like that one for the chopper & Meat Loaf’s I would do anything for love for the motorcycle intro!

      • wow thats a throwback..

  4. Wow! That was one clever chap! You gave him an A+ I hope.

  5. I have no excuse for never listening to a single note of this album (or any other Julian Cope (that I’m aware of)). Maybe I’ll change that this year…

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