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The Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet (1968)

January 30, 2020

[Album 717/1001]

The Stones have a sextet of albums on the 1001 list.

Therefore, the inevitable Top 5 Top 6 list – enjoy!


6. The Rolling Stones (1964)
Rather than being an insurmountably excellent debut, their eponymous LP is more of a glimpse of greater things yet to come.

5. Aftermath (1966)
The first all-original album, featuring a handful of strong tracks.

As shown in the obligatory graph (below), their first two albums from the list were important steps.

Then with Beggars Banquet, the band made a measurable leap into the next echelon of excellence…




4. Beggars Banquet (1968)
Perhaps the strongest opener in the catalogue (Sympathy for the Devil) and the start of a, pardon the language, heck of a 4-year run.220px-BeggarsBanquetLP

3. Let It Bleed (1969)
Speaking of strong openers (Gimme Shelter)…and with the closing track, this one also features a valuable lesson in economics/scarcity of resources (You Can’t Always Get What You Want)!

2. Sticky Fingers (1971)
Surely its opening trifecta, Brown Sugar/Sway/Wild Horses, is up there with the likes of The Joshua Tree or Nevermind, among the strongest 1-2-3 opening trios ever?

1. Exile on Main Street (1972)
As it is their most recent album from the 1001 list, they ended with a bang.


Verbalize the Positive

I like that Ronnie Wood is the relative ‘new guy’ in the group, having only joined the band in 1975!


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  1. Well, I’m no rocket scientist Geoff but throughout those 6 Stones albums, those Stones fella’s were trending the right way. I would like to see the first 6 VH studio albums with Roth did this way. It would be an interesting one.
    Get at it Buddy! lol

    • I’ll see what I can do, Deke!
      I have a feeling the graph will look a bit different than the stones – VH didn’t really have a warm-up period, they just jumped right in!

      • True but It would be cool to read your spin on it as many VH fans have a different fav album out of the first 6.
        It would be neat to read.

      • My prediction is that it would be somewhat ‘U’ shaped (but a very shallow one), with my favourites being the 1st and 6th!

      • Great pics as you cannot go wrong but mine would be Number 3 and 4 and over time number 5 but that could change by 8 pm tonight!

      • Those are great artists & eras, where there’s no wrong answer!

  2. Those Top 4 albums are my favorites as well, with maybe Tattoo You thrown in for good measure. There will never be another band like the Stones.

  3. I’m all about Exile, Sticky, Between The Buttons, Goats Head Soup and Some Girls but I love how so many people have a list of fave Stones albums and they can all vary. I even knew a guy who went to bat for Steel Wheels. What a band

    • That is a nice problem – where there’s multiple correct answers to what the top or favourite album is!

  4. 10 years ago Aaron and I had a site. He sent me all the stones albums and I wrote about them. Sadly he deleted the site in 2012. Too bad…I’m curious what I said.

    I will say that hearing all the Stones at once like that was way way too much.

    • That is a shame, I’d be interested in comparing notes too.
      And according to wikipedia – they have 30 studio albums. I don’t think I’m quite ready for all 30 in a row!

      • That’s exactly what he sent me in the mail. 30 burned CDs!! It was a lot to digest.

        Turns out I liked Some Girls best.

  5. I’m pretty sure those four 1968 to 1972 Stones record are my favourite, but not sure what’s fifth. Maybe Between the Buttons? I go Sticky Fingers, then Exile, then Beggars, then Bleed.

    • And I imagine if I hear Sticky Fingers again this week – I’d probably think, no wait, this one’s my favourite! Until I hear Exile again, and then…

      • Yup, up there with Revolver/Sgt Pepper and Innervisions/Fulfillingness’…. for me.

      • Innervisions would typically win that coin toss for me, purely on the strength of Living for the City, what a track!

      • I like supporting FFF, as it always feels like the overlooked record in his 1970s discography (even though it won a Grammy).

      • I think it’s his 17th studio album – all before age 25, he was beyond prolific!

      • Definitely went up a few levels when he took control in the early 1970s though.

  6. I love all of these. Let It Bleed is my personal favourite.

  7. BB is my favourite one, I love the picture inside the gatefold sleeve – that’s how I always imagined life would be like for me when I became a rock star.

    • And alas I don’t have the LP – but when I hopefully acquire it one day, I’ll have a better idea of what a 1537 rock star life would be like!

  8. Beggars Banquet is a helluva record… I couldn’t say exactly where it sits in my favourite Stones albums list but it’s in an ever revolving top 5.

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