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Kraftwerk – Autobahn (1974)

January 23, 2020

[Album 713/1001]

I think I’ve been driving on the wrong highways.

When I have to travel on a freeway/expressway/motorway, it doesn’t tend to feel like an experience that I would be inspired to sing about.

And yet, there eno shortage of songs that celebrate high speed automobile routes.

Tom Cochrane (metaphorically, I suppose) makes all-night highway driving sound quite appealing.

AC/DC’s expressway doesn’t appear to have an ideal destination…but they seem to be enjoying the journey!

And with their 22+ minute epic opening track, Kraftwerk makes federal controlled-access highway system travel sound thoroughly pleasant.


Untitled presentation (3)


There’s the Hall & Oates-y opening.

The Space Cowboy-esque 2nd half.

Despite the song not really showing any signs of acceleration, the 22+ minutes go by surprisingly quickly.220px-A74-D-front-250 (1)

Though it’s never easy to know what exactly to do with a marathon tune, I think they made the right choice by making Autobahn the lone side one track.

Unsurprisingly, the other tunes stand a bit in the shadow of the title track, though Morgenspaziergang‘s flute makes for a memorable album closer.

And if I had to drive, drive, drive on the highway, I think the trip would be enhanced with these 5 tunes as my soundtrack.


Verbalize the Positive

Danke fürs Lesen!

From → 1970s

  1. Geoff can’t drive …….55!

    A 22-minute tune that’s some fine ‘werk’ there that is for sure!
    I first read about Kraftwerk in Creem Magazine back well decades ago haha.
    Creem was a great read as it wouldn’t just feature Metal Bands but bands of all genres so to justify me spending my $2.25 an issue I would read it cover to cover to get my money’s worth and of course to ignore my homework as well. haha

    • Haha, we had a test recently out of /55 – you can guess what the song of the day was to introduce it!
      And such good news about Cooperstown the other day!

      • Ha, thats awesome. Your next quiz should involve Mas Tequila!
        Great news about Walker and Spongebob! haha

      • I’ll see if there’s a way to fit wabo cabo in there too!

  2. There is something about driving songs that make the heart feel right as there wouldn’t be soooo many songs that sing about it.

    • A good point – there’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic but there’s nothing better than the fun ‘road trip.’ I imagine the songs are more likely to be referring to the latter!

  3. Love your journey Geoff.
    As a lifetime Kraftwerk fan, this isn’t perhaps my favourite but as my intro to the electropioneers it has a special place.

    • Cheers, Bruce!
      I have had a tough time fully embracing ’90s electronica – but had no difficulty enjoying Kraftwerk over the last couple weeks.

  4. Oh! I know a few Kraftwerk albums, but this isn’t one of them… I’ll get to it.

  5. Autobahns are terrifying for reasons of speed, but I have listened to Autobahn on an autobahn.

    • If I travel to Germany at some point, that will be on the to-do list when in Deutschland!

      • Just like listening to Pink Floyd round the back of the moon.

      • And should I ever find myself searching for life on Mars, Mr. Bowie will come along for the trip!

  6. Will werk for Kraft Dinner.

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