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Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (1980)

January 17, 2020

[Album 711/1001]

What’s the worst trade you’ve ever made?

Next week, I’ll be asking my students to make a pretty dismal transaction (at least, dismal from their perspective):

You give me your phone…and I’ll give you your final exam.

Talk about a win-win?!

Until recently, I thought the phone-for-exam swap was one of the more lopsided trades possible.

That is, until I heard about this titular exchange, as proposed by Dead Kennedys!


fresh fruit


Of the 5 items mentioned above, if given the choice, I’d select the following (in ascending order):

5. Rotting Vegetables – Actually, maybe that’s a hard pass on even being gifted those.

4. Final Exam – Hopefully, one I could pass.Dead_Kennedys_-_Fresh_Fruit_for_Rotting_Vegetables_cover

3. Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables – Perhaps not a record that works in all listening contexts. But in the right ones (e.g. as an energizing listen when running for an extended period of time), it has its place.

2. Phone – Can be diverting…

1. Fresh Fruit – …but there’s no substitute for fresh fruit

Given the exchange proposed by Dead Kennedys, perhaps asking students to turn in their phones (while writing their final exams) isn’t such an unreasonable request!


Verbalize the Positive

It’s been another good semester – I’m looking forward to having some 1001 albums playing in the background while I’m working through the piles of end-of-semester marking!

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  1. I’ve never heard this for some reason, but my favourite fruit are the golden peaches that appear in late summer and early autumn in New Zealand.

    • Now those sound quite promising – in Ontario, there’s a nice strawberry-raspberry-peach-pear sequence through the summer!

  2. I could, if called upon to do so, recite every word of California Uber Alles.

    • If I end up on a game show where such knowledge is required, I am delighted to know you’ll be my ‘phone a friend’ lifeline!

  3. Mr. Stephen the Punker!
    Awesome your students I hope are giving you a ton of street cred!
    Too cool for School!

    • 3 days to go of having to listen to me before the exam period starts – hopefully they can stay tuned until then!

      • If not I’m sure you will tune them up in a nice way haha

  4. I want to look for fresh fruit when I Holiday in Cambodia.

    • I’m looking forward to June for the strawberries here!
      Upon closer inspection of the lyric sheet, it did not appear to be the most scenic of vacations…

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    I think I’d stick with the fresh fruit here.

  6. If you take my phone, I couldn’t read your blog…is what all your students should say!!

  7. Aye, I’d stick with the fresh fruit.

    A pal of mine gave me some ‘essential’ Dead Kennedy CDs a few years back, but this wasn’t one of them… and here it is on the 1001. Go figure.

    • Interesting to hear this particular one wasn’t deemed essential by your friend – though fresh seasonal fruit should be considered essential by all!

  8. Old man question: Exams are in January now?

    • Yes – there may still be the odd un-semestered school but we have Semester 1 from sept-jan, Semester 2 from feb-june.
      I’m 2/3 of the way done the marking, making progress!

      • First semester final exams were in December for me. Maybe that was just a Northern Ontario thing.

      • I think that makes total sense. As it’s a bit of a rough re-entry in the current format with a 2-week break, then 2.5 weeks of classes, and then right into exams!

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