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Bert Jansch – Bert Jansch (1965)

January 7, 2020

[Album 710/1001]

Do you have a favourite guitar player?

Chances are, that guitar player was/is a fan of Bert Jansch.

At least, many of my favourites appear to be big fans.BertJansch1965

I can see why: the acoustic finger-picking on his self-titled debut is remarkable.

And it’s not as though it sounds amazing because the record took years of expensive studio time to record, with overdubs galore.

Instead, I gather it was recorded on a tape recorder, with Jansch using a borrowed guitar, while seated on the edge of a bed.

Which only helps Mr. Jansch climb my list of all-time favourite Berts!


Top 5 Berts (5)

Top 5 Berts (4)

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Top 5 Berts (1)

Top 5 Berts


Verbalize the Positive

I was pleased to learn he was a founding member of the group, Pentangle.

And since they’ve got an album on the 1001 list as well, I’ll get to listen to some more of his work in the not too distant future!


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  1. Jansch was a master, my favorite show was a festival with Jansch, John Martyn and Roy Harper all appearing together in Suffolk, great Saturday afternoon. Jansch was the classier act.

  2. My favourite guitarist is Richard Lloyd. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of folk in his sound. I like Jansch though.

    • I don’t think I’m familiar with his work beyond Marquee Moon – but I was quite impressed by the guitar work on that title track!

      • Have you heard Matthew Sweet’s 1990 albums like Girlfriend and 100% Fun? He’s all over those.

      • I have – so I suppose I’m slightly more familiar with him than I thought!
        Sick of myself has to be close to a perfect single / album opener

      • Yup, that’s Lloyd on Sick of Myself. Smog Moon is my favourite from that album, although I much prefer Girlfriend and 1999’s In Reverse,

  3. Love this one. I often play mangled versions of Alice’s Wonderland and Veronica on guitar! You should check out Pentangle too if you haven’t already.

    • If I attempted playing along with Bert, mangled would be a generous term for my attempts!
      I’m excited to check out Pentangle, Basket of Light’s on the 1001 (I gather, right where it should be)

  4. Like the Baseball angle here Geoff. Fantasy baseball is one of my fav sports as it’s so detailed and you have to be on it for all 162 games which for some is a hard sell. Fantasy Hockey is an easier sell, of course, living where we’re living.
    It’s looking really good for Larry Walker to get into Cooperstown! Why we are still discussing why Walker should be getting in is ridiculous…

    • That’s good news! We’re doing a time travel project in French class and one of the students chose 1992 as a destination to see the Blue Jays win their first world series – there’s hope for the future!

      • Why couldn’t I have had a cool teacher like you when I was hitting the books back in the roaring 80s?

      • Haha, I don’t think they’d agree – they have to teach me about new or current cool music/movies/tv/etc!

  5. My brother had two or three CDs and, while I’m not too familiar with an awfy lot of his stuff, I’ve always found the playing to be pretty incredible.

    • That was my takeaway here – years from now, I’m not sure if I’ll remember the individual tracks. But I’m certain I’ll remember being quite impressed with his technique!

  6. This is a Bert I need to check out. The Mary Poppin’s Bert had a crappy accent though 🙂

  7. I saw him open for Neil Young. Great set, though much the audience paid him no mind.

    • That’s a shame they weren’t paying attention – I imagine Neil would agree that Bert’s a vastly superior guitarist!

  8. I’m assuming Burt Reynolds didn’t make the list because of the different spelling. But when I make an assumption the umpire doesn’t like me or something, right?

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