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300 albums in 2 years!

December 4, 2019


I started the 1001albumsin10years project on December 1st, 2011.

So theoretically, given the domain name, I should have been be up to album 801/1001 by December 1st of this year.

So at 701/1001, I’ve got most of the digits correct at least!

The progress so far:




As was the case for my firstsecondthirdfourthfifthsixth, and seventh year-in-review posts, the annual summary of my favourites from the past year.



The Top Songs & Albums of Year 8

Album – Machito, Kenya (1957)
Song – Machito, Wild Jungle (1957)

Album – Small Faces, Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake (1968)
Song – Fairport Convention, Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (1969)

Album – David Ackles, American Gothic (1972)
Song – Iggy Pop, China Girl (1977)

Album – The Replacements, Let It Be (1984)
Song – Echo & The Bunnymen, My Kingdom (1984)

Album – the Magnetic Fields, 69 Love Songs (1999)
Song – Screaming Trees, Dying Days (1996)

Album – Silver Jews, Bright Flight (2001)
Song – Silver Jews, Tennessee (2001)


My vision for the ninth blogging year?

Ideally review 150 albums, leaving 150 to go in year 10.

Unlikely to happen, but worth a try!


Verbalize the Positive

Thank you all for being a part of the first 8 fiscal years of this musical adventure!

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  1. Great going Geoff. I’m very pleased you liked Let It Be and 69 Love Songs so much.

    • My thanks, Joe – and have you read the book/seen the film, Wonder? It’s a really nice story & in one part, the father/son characters have a sing-a-long to Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side!

      • No, I haven’t. I feared it might be a bit emotional …

      • It is – we listened to the audio book on a few recent long drives, I thought it was sad/funny/ terrific

  2. Nice bit of love for Screaming Trees there. Top song that

  3. Congratulations. You’ve been at a 365 albums a year pace lately…

    • My thanks, Graham – and I can say with 100% confidence I wouldn’t be able to keep up the recent pace!

  4. Congrats Geoff! You are a “Man Machine Poem”!
    And enjoy your day off today!
    Cheers To Ya!

  5. Congrats! Another stellar year. And nice to see Iggy’s China Girl! Great song!

  6. Zack permalink

    Almost there!

  7. Someone contacted me with a similar site this week. He used my AC/DC review for one of the 1001. But I like your site better!

  8. Excellent work, Geoff. Nice to see Iggy and The Trees on your favourites list… I love The Trees… and Dying Days is a great track.

  9. 8 years. Well done. A lot of the 1001 albums I haven’t listened to but interesting getting your unique perspective on them! This year, your epic review of 69 Love Songs (1999) was very useful and enjoyed comparing notes on Echo & The Bunnymen. If you can’t manage the 1001 in 10 years it’s okay. Take all the time you need ( :

    • Cheers Chris! And much appreciated – I may end up having some fine print with the domain name 1001albumsin10years* (*may not actually be complete in 10 years!)

  10. Are you going through the list in a particular order? Or do you covering what you feel like doing at that time?

    • No particular order – I’m intentionally leaving a few all-timers until the very end but other than that, not especially.
      I think I’ll start trying to do some more in bunches (like the 3 roxy music albums, a few Nick Caves) & immerse in a particular artist for a week at a time

      • Ah, I see. That’s how I normally am. I get all caught up with one artist for a week or two. I have never read the book so I’m not sure what order it is in.

      • It’s listed chronologically (from 1955-2005) but I loaned out my copy years ago and so I’ve just been relying on my spreadsheets (a separate spreadsheet for each decade).
        So by 2021, I’ll be caught up to music released up to 2005, only 16 years behind!

      • Meh, you’re not missing too much.

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