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Blue Cheer – Vincebus Eruptum (1968)

November 26, 2019

[Album 697/1001]

They are persona non grata there
– Michael Scott (The Office)

Admittedly, my Latin is a tad limited/non-existent.

But from the context of the quote, I could infer that Michael Scott means that someone is not welcome.

However, when I saw the Blue Cheer album title, Vincebus Eruptum, I had no such additional clues.

I did not anticipate the translation result below!




I gather with this debut album, Blue Cheer are considered to be trailblazers for both the genre of heavy metal & the concept of a power trio.

Which as far as legacies go, that’s not a bad claim to fame!220px-BlueCheerVincebusEruptum

I suppose like many innovators, they paved the way for others to reach even greater heights.

But that doesn’t mean this is merely an ‘important’ album.

To modify/mangle a Mark Twain quote, it shouldn’t be considered a classic that everyone wants to have heard but not actually hear.

On the contrary, I’d be happy to hear it again.

Or as they (maybe?) say in Latin, I’d say Blue Cheer/Vincebus Eruptum is persona grata ’round here.


Verbalize the Positive

I admire the power trio format – no hiding, less is more!

From → 1960s

  1. I feel like the power trio trailblazer claim is a little tenuous – their debut was after Cream, Hendrix Experience, and The Who.

    • While I see your point, I think that Roger Daltrey might object to The Who being called a power trio. Also, at least in the studio they were often more. One Who’s Next, most songs have keyboards as well, and even more have two guitars (electric and acoustic, sometimes playing chords in unison). Later live bands included many additional musicians.

      • I guess vocals would be quite different if Daltrey was playing an instrument at the same time.

    • I don’t disagree – but they seem to be credited with it & I’m guessing the band doesn’t mind having that reputation!

  2. It’s not real Latin, but is supposed to mean “we control chaos” or something.

    “Blue cheer” was a type of LSD pill.

  3. Look at the power trios that came out of Toronto alone. Rush/Triumph/Santers/Goddo..
    Must have been something in the Lake Ontario water Geoff!

    • The lake ontario water near my house in Burlington was deemed unsafe for swimming (Hamilton factories next door) – I should have sampled some of that water closer to T.O!

  4. I like this one… a lot. I can also understand their inclusion on the 1001 – I believe they were hugely influential on a lot of the alternative rock that came later on. I certainly discovered them via ‘grunge’ and the ‘stoner rock’ stuff I dig.

  5. I have this on vinyl, it belonged to my aunt back in the day, and I inherited it in my mid 20s at the height of grunge and alt rock, so this album was like delving into an original recipe book. For sure they are pioneers and steeped in metal mythology: the loudest band in the world, using the most amps, an ex Hell’s Angel as their manager, recording parts of their their second album outdoors because they were too loud for a studio, the drummer playing in golf gloves because he hit so hard, the drug use… Interesting that deKE mentions RUSH, as Neil Peart is a huge fan and talks about Blue Cheer in magazine articles.

    • Well said about it being the original recipe book – and if they’re good enough for Neil, that works for me!

  6. For me, heavy metal begins with Black Sabbath. Earlier bands may have had a heavy sound, but Sabbath was the first to make it doomy and gloomy.

    • I wouldn’t argue with that – is there an optimal doom to gloom metal ratio?
      I’m always curious about ideal %s!

      • I think as long as the words doom and gloom rhyme they will go together no matter what the ratio is.

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