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Fairport Convention – Unhalfbricking (1969)

November 19, 2019

[Album 693/1001]

“Last Friday Night”
– Katy Perry, Last Friday Night

What were you up to last Friday night?

Not meaning to brag, but I was…marking.

My wonderful wife was out with some work pals, the kids were in bed, and so I took advantage of the quiet window to mark some projects.

To borrow a Kim Mitchell tune, I am a Wild Party!

To help keep me going on the pile of marking, the evening’s soundtrack was provided by Fairport Convention.

And what a splendid soundtrack it was.



“I put it off, I put it off, I put it off again”
– The Tragically Hip, Put It Off

When I procrastinate, typically it’s to avoid something undesirable or something that seems like a daunting challenge.

One could say that evaluating a seemingly endless pile of projects fits both of those descriptions…but listening to Fairport Convention?Fairport_Convention-Unhalfbricking_(album_cover)

I’m not sure if there is less undesirable task & I’m not sure if their quality blend of folk rock originals & covers could be much further from a challenging listen either.

So why did I wait 5.5 years after reviewing Liege & Lief before exploring Unhalfbricking?

I’ll be frank: I was worried about unreasonably high expectations.

Because I was so impressed by Liege & Lief, I thought that my palette had to somehow be fully cleansed before I could be fair when listening to Unhalfbricking.

However, when I recently heard Sandy Denny’s appearance on Led Zeppelin’s The Battle of Evermore, I thought, this is just silly, I’m just going to check out Unhalfbricking.

And I’m delighted the wait is finally over!

Her voice & Richard Thompson’s guitar pair so nicely, perhaps never better than on Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Simply marvelous.

So, my friends, I implore you: do not make the same mistake I did.

Listen today, regardless of when you last enjoyed Fairport Convention!


Verbalize the Positive

Unhalfbricking is yet another gem from the Summer of ’69!

From → 1960s

  1. I like Percy’s Song a lot from that record – it’s so pretty.

  2. Well next you need to jump into What We Did On Our Holidays immediately to hear a truly great album.

    • I don’t plan on waiting another 5.5 years before my next Fairport experience, truly great sounds promising to me!

      • There is a wealth of strong albums and then there are the others, the interesting thing is nobody can really agree on the others.

  3. Amen Geoff, amen.

  4. Those are Sandy Denny’s parents on the cover.

  5. You should have come to Tbay and seen Big Wreck last Friday Geoff! We would have taken care of ya!
    Downtime and chill time is always a good thing as well!
    Unhalfbricking is a great title.

    • I would have much prefered to see Thornley & co. with you in TBay, Deke!
      Could have got some marking done on the trip up!

      • Short flight about an hour and half away from Toronto! Your welcome here anytime Fella if your passing through even with the family!
        I’d make u the ultimate Cardiac Barbecue Burger known to mankind!

      • Haha, it’s like the Hotel California of Northern Ontario, can check in anytime but maybe not leave alive!

      • HOTEL N.W.O! Haha

  6. Listening to any music is better than most projects…or at the very least makes the project less tasking.

    • Absolutely – that’s why I don’t mind when students listen to music while they’re working, it always helps me!

  7. This has been on my list for way too long… now I feel a bit of pressure to listen to it.

  8. Better late than never! Great album this one.

  9. One day I will sit down and listen to this one.

  10. “Who knows where the time goes” is a great, timeless song. Unhalfbricking is an album I intend to get to.

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