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Led Zeppelin – Untitled (1971)

November 14, 2019

[Album 691/1001]

If there’s an LZ album where some fans have reached their lifetime quota, I imagine this is the one.

For some, Rock and Roll can sometimes seem inescapable on classic rock radio (ironically, it has rarely been a long time since Rock and Roll was last played).Led_Zeppelin_-_Led_Zeppelin_IV

And then there’s that other track, where many listeners may not so fondly remember being stuck slow-dancing with an undesirable partner for 8 minutes and 2 seconds.

However, radio over-saturation & awkward dance-closing memories cannot fully spoil the party here.

Especially when the album bookends are so strong.

On any given day, the opener, Black Dog, might have my favourite LZ riff.

And When the Levee Breaks is about as strong a closing track as I’ve heard.

Throw in some gentle acoustic excellence (Going to California), a guest appearance that enhances rather than detracts (Sandy Denny’s appearance in The Battle of Evermore), a pair of remaining tracks that are far from throwaway (Misty Mountain Hop & Four Sticks)…and it’s easy to see why these guys were somewhat successful!


Verbalize the Positive

I enjoy when a movie trailer makes good use of a great song.

For example, The Big Short.

Excellent movie & equally excellent LZ song!

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  1. Take away the two monsters – Stairway and Levee – and this is one of their weaker albums in my book. I know that’s a fringe opinion though.

    • Not that buying on vinyl needs many supporting arguments, but having Stairway & Levee as side-closing tracks simply makes sense. Stairway midway through a continuous running order just doesn’t feel quite right!

  2. Spot on, on the irony of Rock ‘n Roll’s lyric!

  3. My favourite Led Zeppelin album by a country mile. It’s certainly the one I reach for if I’m in the mood to listen to them. When the Levee Breaks is also my favourite Zeppelin tune.

  4. Back in high school, my buddy had that cover painted on his basement wall which was cool as his parents were cool with it as well! Fine parenting haha
    Agree with the Black Dog riff. Big and nasty. Just like the lyrics!

    • That is my kind of parenting, Deke!

      • Yeah no kidding Geoff! Cool thing was growing up all the parents of my friends were cool with our kind of rock being blasted through numerous stereos in the neighborhood!
        I mean with all the Satanic rubbish about at that time my parents did not care as they figured “hey at least we know Derek’s home” haha

      • I remember my folks were great about us playing loud music at home – that’s a good attitude to have, we know where they are and what they’re doing, that’s a good thing!

  5. I don’t care to listen to the LZ songs on the radio as they are overplayed, but when I put on one of their albums, that feeling goes away and it is the whole package that really makes the songs shine rather than the individual moments. I still love this album.

  6. Led Zeppelin [IV] is very good, but not superior to their three previous albums. I give all four the same rating. I think these songs remain special to me beause I rarely listen to music on the radio.

    • I tend to go with III or Physical Graffiti as my favourite – but like you said Chris, still very good!

  7. A perfect album…and I’ve never grown tired of “Stairway” no matter how overplayed it was on radio. Even fans who have grown tired of the album would have to recommend it (along with LZ II) as the ideal entry points into their discography for newbies.

    • I’d second that notion of it being an excellent intro to the band – it definitely showcases their range!

  8. It was the first Zep album I heard as a youngster and I fell in love it with. The best treat was catching up with the previous albums and realising just how they good they were too. Top stuff!

    • It was my first LZ album as well – and you’re quite right TVTA, no shortage of other quality LPs in the LZ catalogue!

  9. Never heard of them.

  10. I’m a Houses of the Holy guy but this is 5/5 stars from me.

    • I think houses has some of my favourite singles – though I still struggle with the confounded bridge. though I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I end up thinking the crunge is the best of the bunch!

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