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The Sonics – Here Are The Sonics (1965)

November 9, 2019

[Album 687/1001]

Good news, Sega Genesis fans: there will be a live action Sonic the Hedgehog film in 2020.

Bad news, Visual effects people working on the film: the film was originally scheduled to be released in 2019.

But because loud internet voices were so vocal in their displeasure with the initial Sonic character design, the artists had to go back to the drawing board to appease the masses.

I suppose that’s how the entertainment world works in 2019, for better or worse: give the public a sample & wait for social media response to act as a focus group.

I can’t say I’ve followed the Sega saga too closely, I’m more of an NES fan myself.

And when it comes to asking the public for their opinions on animated character design, of course the Simpsons have already brilliantly demonstrated the perils of such consultations!



Not being personally familiar with the behind the scenes production story of Here Are The Sonics, it’s possible that this is a calculated/compromised recording.

Perhaps painstaking efforts were made to make the recordings sound somewhat ragged (akin to spending an hour using hair gel, meticulously attempting to recreate a ‘bedhead’ look).

But that really doesn’t appear to be the case.Herearethesonics

The Sonics don’t feel like a group that was too concerned with polishing their sound to please potential consumers.

They also don’t strike me as a group that over-rehearsed their chosen tunes or over-produced their short & scrappy recordings.

And Here Are The Sonics is all the better for it.

It feels like one of those “press record & play’ records, where the initial vision wasn’t compromised based on consumer feedback.

These are the songs we want to sing, these are the basic parts we want to play, let’s put them on tape & move on with life.

Quite frankly, that sounds like very refreshing music to my ears.

So if you’re looking for an artist like that, Here They Are!


Verbalize the Positive

As a long-time excessive punctuation enthusiast, I naturally approve of the exclamation marks on this album cover, ¡¡¡well done, The Sonics!!!

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  1. Colecovision was the first gaming console in my house. It was so primitive yet at it was the deal! Still, recall buying I think it was the Sega Genius system in 1994 so I could play NHL 94!
    My younger brother destroyed me every time we played so I just gave it to him haha

    • NHL 94, what a game!
      I was more of an NES Blades of Steel fan though – the only game I can think of where you were penalized for losing a fight!

      • Thanks for jogging my memory!
        It was NES we had and Blades of Steel! haha
        my brother destroyed me on that plus those graphics could give you a seizure if you were to play it now.

      • The commentary on the game was priceless too – a lot of “makes the pass, makes the pass!”

      • Ha that’s right Geoff I used to choke at that point with the game yelling at me

      • The Rangers are currently leading 1-0, hopefully it’ll be an OT game tonight so both teams can pick up a point!

      • Rangers need it more than Pittsburgh. Let’s see what happens shall we?!

      • They took our request, Deke – Rangers got the W & the Penguins still get an OT loss point!

      • Ha! I see that! Looked like a good tilt. I’m pretty hapy that the Rangers are a young team now and got rid of alot of overpriced players.

      • Fox & Kakko look particularly impressive!

      • until last night! Yikes. What a game to put you back into perspective!
        I turned it on within the first 5 minutes of the puck being dropped and it was already 4-0 Tampa haha

      • I heard that Tampa got the 4 goals before the Rangers registered a shot – Pittsburgh had a couple of those games last year, I think one of them was against Tampa too!

      • Tampa is starting to ramp up Geoff after there sluggish start. Let’s see how the Rangers do againest Florida tonight!

  2. Don’t know this band at all. I do know the little hedgehog though and don’t particular care what he looks like or any movie with him so I will probably check out the album before I ever do the movie.

    • I remember seeing the Super Mario Brothers movie from the early 90s – if the Sonic movie is anything like that one, going for the album is the right choice!

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    Well. Done. Indeed. Sonics!!!

  4. About 68.5% of everything I love in music to this day comes directly out of this LP and their Boom! album. This is a holy tract for me.

  5. Commodore 64, FTW!

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