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Gene Clark – No Other (1974)

November 2, 2019

[Album 684/1001]

Chandler: “What name am I cool enough to pull off?”
Phoebe: “Um…Gene”
– Friends, Season 4 Episode 18

When this episode of Friends was aired in the spring of 1998, I would have been in grade 11.

And at that time, like any suburban teen attempting to pull off being cool, I thought it was important to distance myself from anything that could be perceived as ‘country.’

So even though this Gene album might have been classified as ‘country rock,’ even the hybrid designation meant that it would have been off limits!



Perhaps if Phoebe had said, “Um…Gene. Like Gene Clark’s No Other,” Chandler would have been more receptive to the name suggestion.

As if you ask me, this Gene managed to pull off a pretty cool sounding record.220px-Gene_Clark_-_No_Other

Have you heard Silver Raven‘s mysterious vibe?

How about the nice groove on the title track?

Or as Chandler Bing might ask, could Strength of Strings be any more of a Neil Young song?

And I gather it was underappreciated in its time, which many (including Phoebe) would agree is about as cool as it gets!


Verbalize the Positive

I’m not sure if I saw any Friends-themed costumes this year but I was delighted to see several Office-themed costumes at school on Thursday!

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  1. I love Friends!! If I find it on the TV, I usually stop and watch. I have never done that with a Gene Clark album though.

    • And Friends is still really popular with the high school students – some of them weren’t even born when it finished production!

      • My daughter streamed the entire run of the show. She loved it. The other day at the store there was a T-short with a couch on it and above the couch it said PIVOT. We got a big laugh out of it.

      • Now that’s a shirt worth getting!

      • We didn’t, but you are right. It is.

  2. Grade 11 in 1998! I was already working full time for 10 years in 1998 hahaha.
    Friends and Seinfield dominated must-see TV back then that’s for sure Geoff!

  3. My favourite is From A Silver Phial. Amazing it sold so few copies – it’s so good and sounds a lot like Rumours.

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