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Mekons – Fear and Whiskey (1985)

October 31, 2019

[Album 683/1001]

“Barkeep, Another Mekong please”
– The Refreshments, Mekong

Good song, great band.

I’m not sure if ‘Mekons’ and ‘Mekong’ have the same pronunciation (and I’m not entirely sure what either is, exactly).

Though with a band name ‘Mekons’ and an album title featuring an alcoholic beverage, I couldn’t not think of The Refreshments!

And throughout Fear and Whiskey, I kept being reminded of other good songs by great artists.




With the exception of Ringo’s first Beatle songwriting credit, the above songs from Fear and Whiskey predate their comparable tracks in column 2.

Does that mean these Mekons’ tunes are better than good?220px-Mekons-Fear_and_Whiskey_(album_cover)

Or that the group may even be considered great?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer to both ends up somewhere in between.

If I had to say, I’d say both the band and the songs are very good.

And if I see another Mekons album in the record shops, I can picture myself modifying the Refreshments’ Mekong lyric.

Shopkeep, another Mekons please.


Verbalize the Positive

C’est L’Halloween – a happy October 31st to all!

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  1. The Mekong is a delta in Vietnam, right?

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