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Joan Armatrading – Joan Armatrading (1976)

October 30, 2019

[Album 682/1001]

“I am not in love
But I’m open to persuasion”
– Joan Armatrading, Love and Affection

I can’t say I’ve immediately fallen in love with each new-to-me album from the 1001 list.

However, I can say that this song-opening lyric jumped out at me.

Partly because it’s a great lyric; also because I think I’d like to borrow it.



Joan Armatrading’s self-titled LP was immediately appealing.

Maybe not necessarily love at first listen, but certainly one of those records that earns my instant and entire attention.

Yes, she’s a contralto, and I tend to gravitate to female artists with low voices (Annie Lennox, Tracy Chapman, Fiona Apple…).

But even better than that favourable first impression?

Each subsequent re-listen has been better than the last.



The tremendously talented Joan & the open to persuasion Geoff


“I can really love
really love
really love
really love
really love”
– Joan Armatrading, later in the song Love & Affection220px-Joan_Armatrading_(album)

It appears that I may be starting to drift closer to love?

Can I really love ( x 5 )?

Is it too soon to type the term?

I’m not sure.

But I do know that I’ve been thoroughly impressed by this singer-songwriter, equally so by her singing and by her songs.

With such strong compositions & performances, Joan is quite persuasive!


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to contraltos, such a fabulous vocal range!

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  1. I assumed Tracy Chapman was a man for quite a while. I had a teacher at my school called Tracy, so the name was plausible.

    • I love her voice – I seem to really enjoy women with low voices and men that can hit high notes!

      • I’m definitely more into male singers with higher voices, never thought about my preferences for female voices so much.

  2. jprobichaud permalink

    Unfamiliar with this one. Will give it a spin for sure.

  3. Nice share. “Me, Myself I” (1980) is probably the only song I know by her which has a new wave/pop approach. That track you posted here has more personality and soul, I’m guessing I’d like the album too.

  4. Tracy, I know and love. I never listened to Joan despite being intrigued by her voice. Maybe I will give it a listen.

  5. I only know Love & Affection, and I think it is safe to say, I do have a lot of affection for it – ain’t talkin’ about love though.

    • What’s that old line when one is not speaking ’bout love:
      Two hand tapping guitar technique really got me off, Eruption yeah, ain’t talkin’ ’bout love, I’m on fire!

  6. Yay!!! Love her!!! Do give “The Weakness In Me” a listen!

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