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Slayer – Reign in Blood (1986)

October 22, 2019

[Album 680/1001]

Make no mistake: I will never be a cool teacher.

Nor a teacher that is hip/with it/lit/any given slang that could be synonymous with cool.

From time to time however, it’s nice when student/teacher interests overlap.

One such instance happened a few semesters ago, where Slayer’s Reign in Blood provided some unlikely teacher/student common ground.

Specifically, mutual admiration for the side 2 opening track, Criminally Insane, and its frantic ride cymbal 16th notes.



That semester, I was fortunate enough to be teaching guitar.

In that particular guitar class, there was a student who, in his other courses, spent an above average amount of time in the office. Or on his way to the office. Or being paged to go to the office.

One day after the bell, I was packing up my stuff, and the student sat down behind the drum kit.

He promptly started playing those unmistakable Criminally Insane 16th notes.

I smiled, looked up and said something along the lines of, “Slayer, nice.”

Without losing the rhythm, he smiled and nodded back.220px-Reign_in_blood

For the rest of the semester, he was a model student in the class, actively participating in all lessons/songs/activities.

Instead of it being attributable to anything resembling inspirational teaching from yours truly, I give full credit to Dave Lombardo’s drumming in 1986!

And thanks are in order to the 1001 list editors as well.

Reign in Blood isn’t exactly smack dab in the middle of my wheelhouse & I likely wouldn’t have acquired the album were it not for the list.

But I’m pleased to have a bit of thrash metal in my collection & I’m even more pleased that Slayer was able to help with my classroom management!


Verbalize the Positive

Those semesters when I get to teach guitar are glorious semesters!

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  1. That’s actually a really cool connection you made with a student. The fact that it is Slayer is cool and perhaps opened the student’s eyes that hey ‘Mr. Stephen may be alright!”
    Great story! I think this post shows you are a cool Teacher!

  2. jprobichaud permalink

    I’m pretty sure Mr Stephen is lit.

  3. Isn’t the opening track Angel Of Death?

  4. Our grade 7 band teacher let us play Girls, Girls, Girls. We made arrangements for every instrument. We thought of him as “cool”. Our grade 8 teacher tried to get us to play La Bamba. We hated her.

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