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Slade – Slayed? (1972)

October 2, 2019

[Album 674/1001]

At the end of a lesson, I like to check in with my students by a show of thumbs.

Thumbs up? I understand.

Thumbs to the middle? Comme ci, comme ça.

Thumbs down? I don’t get it at all – and thankfully they’re not shy about admitting it!

So when I saw the cover of Slade’s Slayed?, my first thought (well, my second thought, after “I’m Ron Burgundy?” popped in my head) was about the thumb position of the band members.220px-Slayed

Will the album be, as indicated by the universally horizontal thumbs, merely so-so?

Or much like when I ask my students about their post-lesson comprehension, are they asking the audience for feedback?

With this album, as a listener, were you wowed by the sheer awesomeness?

Were you Slayed?



I’d say their thumb position should be tilted up about 60 degrees.

As if it’s possible to be mostly slayed, that’s me!

The song title spellings are delightful (Mama Weer All Crazee Now somehow made it through the spell check!) and it appears I continue to be a sucker for fun glam rock (like The Darkness & Turbonegro).

In terms of album highlights, it would be very difficult to not clap along with Gudbuy T’Jane and with Gudbuy Gudbuy, they impressively anticipated the slow stomp of Oasis’ Bag It Up / Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know? by a few decades.

Which would also mean my personal favourites on Slayed?, as luck would have it, feature a lyrical hand gesture.

Though rather than flashing a thumbs up/side/down, it would be a wave Goodbye.

Or as Slade would spell it, Gudbuy!


Verbalize the Positive

Happy October!

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  1. I recall this album (owned on cassette at the time) with great affection.
    “And a stomping good time was had by all”

    • Before Vinyl Connection, there was Cassette Connection!
      I think I’ll look back on this one fondly as well, Bruce, it has a nice energy to it

  2. Stomp your Hands Clap your Feet! One of the many Slade like tunes Quiet Riot wrote along with the cover tunes of course that these guys wrote!

    Years ago Geoff ok well how about 35 years ago haha. I caught RATT with an opening act from Ireland I belive called Mama Boys. They as well at the same time as QR had their version of Mama Were All Crazee Now going head to head at radio against QR as well.

    It was actually quite good. Mamas Boys were a power trio all brothers actually and the lead singer/guitarist could also play a wicked fiddle live!

    • I would have enjoyed that live fiddle!
      My cousin-in-law played in a country band for years & even though country’s not always my cuppa, it was really neat seeing her fly on the fiddle on stage!

  3. I have always wanted this album.

    • If you see it for the right price, I think you’ll enjoy the return on investment – though you may have to save some $ for a jersey now that the Leafs have a new Captain!

  4. Big THUMBS UP for me!!!

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    I never really listened to this band, save for the singles, of course.

  6. My thumb is up.

  7. I’m Ron Burgundy? is probably my favorite joke from Anchorman.

    Nice to hear Slade have other good music, besides the obvious hits Cum On Feel the Noize and Merry Xmas Everybody.

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