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Echo & The Bunnymen – Crocodiles (1980)

September 27, 2019

[Album 673/1001]

Have you read any books by Terry Fallis?albatross-cover-190527

He’s a terrific author & perhaps even more importantly, a terrifically reliable author.

When I find life is particularly busy, I tend to gravitate to books that I know I’m going to enjoy.

At the moment, I’m quite enjoying his new book, Albatross.

Though I have somewhat of an irrational fear of the creature in the title, I wasn’t remotely worried about the quality of the novel itself.

And a few chapters in, I think I can safely extrapolate and confidently say that Terry’s winning streak will continue!


Speaking of reliable &/or terrific writing, I’m starting to think that such adjectives should apply to Echo & The Bunnymen.

With life being particularly busy at the moment, this week I found myself looking for an album that I was certain to enjoy.220px-Echo_&_the_Bunnymen_Crocodiles

Given my recent positive experience with Ocean Rain, I decided to explore the chronological first of three Echo & The Bunnymen albums on the 1001 list.

In the case of this debut album, Crocodiles, though I have somewhat of an irrational fear of the creature in the title, I wasn’t remotely worried about the quality of the music itself.

And my non-fears were not misguided.

Echo’s winning streak remains intact & I don’t imagine I’ll be going too far out on a limb to predict that I’ll also approve of their other 1001-listed album, Porcupine.

Admittedly, we’re still in the early stages of our (critically-acclaimed-band + listener-whose-existence-the-band-is-oblivious-to) musical relationship.

But I’ve got a good feeling about us, fingers crossed!


Verbalize the Positive

I went to a Terry Fallis book talk in Kingston last week and he was exactly as I hoped he’d be: funny, self-deprecating, articulate & gracious!

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  1. Stars Are Stars, Rescue, Pictures On My Wall are my favorites from Crocodiles. 1980 was a significant year for debut albums.

    • The Pretenders 1980 debut was definitely one for the books!

      • Besides Pretenders and Bunnymen, Iron Maiden and U2 were a couple of other important debuts from 1980. I find U2’s 1st album ‘Boy’ is overpraised.

      • And I don’t believe I’ve heard Boy – but I liked the Iron Maiden debut!

      • Agree Iron Maiden’s self-titled was a strong debut. I have it in my top 15 of 1980. Whereas Boy is a lot further down my list.

  2. Zack permalink

    How is it possible to have an irrational fear of crocodiles? I think they’re an animal that it is perfectly rational to have fears of.

    • True – if I lived in Miami, the fear would be quite reasonable.
      They aren’t quite as common in Eastern Ontario though!

      • That’s just what they want you to think Geoff – they’re sneaky like that.

      • Typical crocodiles/albatrosses!

      • Just remember to always check the toilet before sitting down. They’re cunning beasts.

  3. Busy Guy= Book and Music to carry you through the week! Excellent Stuff Geoff!

  4. I like them when they sound like the Byrds with jangly guitars and harmonies. I also like the intensity of Villiers Terrace.

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    I recently read Best Laid Plans and loved it! So yeah, would love to read more by him. Anything you’d recommend? (And yes, Echo & the Bunnymen are great too.)

  6. Sarah just picked this one up! It was pretty good. Never heard of Terry Fallis. I’ll add him to my library list.

    • I like to think of him as the Blue Rodeo of Canadian authors – you know what you’re getting, you know you can count on them, and you know it’s going to be good!

  7. Never heard of the Terry Fallis chap, but I have heard of Echo & The Bunnymen… and I’ve only recently explored their discography myself. I dig this one.

    • I’m not sure if Terry Fallis has become all that renowned outside of Canada – if you’re looking for a fun read with a happy ending, his books provide those every time!

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