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The Young Gods – L’eau rouge (1989)

September 18, 2019

[Album 671/1001]

How much French do you remember from school?

Or if you didn’t study French in school, how much do you remember from The Flight of the Conchords tune, Foux du FaFa?

As L’eau rouge (par les jeunes Dieus?) is in French, I thought I’d review it en Français aussi.



Est-ce que L’eau rouge est le meilleur album du 1001? Probablement pas.

Est-ce que l’album est un désastre? Non, mais ce n’est pas ma tasse de thé.220px-The_Young_Gods_L'Eau_Rouge

J’aime les groupes/artistes qui aiment ‘the Young Gods’ (comme Econoline Crush, David Bowie).

Je crois que le dernier chanson décris l’album dans une manière efficace : Pas Mal.

Pas magnifique, Pas terrible non plus.

Pas pour moi peut-être, mais Pas Mal.


Verbalize the Positive

At the time of clicking ‘Publish,’ the YouTube Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down tally was universally positive at 65:0!


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  1. jprobichaud permalink


  2. It’s all double-D… er, Franzosich to me.

  3. Eh… oui? Eh… pouvez-vous me montrer le chemin du commissariat?

  4. Psst. Aren’t they Swiss?

    • They are!
      With this one in French, I’m curious to see if the other albums dabble in German / Italian / Romansh, to use all 4 official languages!

      • All my favourite LPs are sung in Romansh. All of them.

      • I just tried to translate ‘obviously’ to Romansh using google translate – surprisingly, it’s not available as a translation language!
        Perhaps that’s what makes the LPs so special?

  5. Eiffel Tower!

  6. I’ll have Sarca translate this one for me later.

  7. As someone who did intensive French lessons for four months eight years ago, I understood (and I’m being generous to myself) about 20% of that!

    • I guess 20%, c’est mieux que rien!

      • Je connais “c’est” et “rien”. Merci Dieu pour le Google! (Oui, oui, you’re allowed to laugh at all the bad grammar!)

      • I’m becoming much more a believer in communicating for understanding (rather than grammatical excellence) – so no worries about laughter from me when speaking/typing en Français!

      • I find it especially hard understanding fluent French speakers. All the consonants that never get pronounced!

  8. Hey man, my fave Young Gods album is TV Sky of the year 1992 which is sung in English too!

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