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The Temptations – Cloud Nine (1969)

August 21, 2019

[Album 661/1001]

“Temptation, it never lets me down”220px-1969-tempts-cloud9
– The Tea Party

Add an ‘s’ – and that about sums up how I feel when listening to The (somewhat unpredictable yet seemingly always reliable) Temptations!


Verbalize the Positive

“I can resist anything, except the Temptations – Oscar Wilde, said that (after listening to this, I believe).” – 1537 in the comments of my last Temptations post.

I often hum-and-haw about when I should check out another album by an artist that I recently explored & enjoyed.

Cheers to Joe @ for:

a) encouraging me to check out the other Temptations 1001-listed album right away
b) inspiring this post!

Now I better appreciate that famous Wilde maxim (“I have nothing to declare, except 1537’s genius”)…

From → 1960s

  1. Nice choice!

  2. Tea Party quote well played!
    Laughed out loud when I clicked Joe’s link!
    You two guys are trouble makers in setting me up like that!

  3. Naww, thanks fella!

    I do have a bad rep in my own family for laughing at my own jokes, but I think that was one maybe worth the giggle!

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