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Spiritualized – Lazer Guided Melodies (1992)

August 8, 2019

[Album 657/1001]

The ’90s were a great era for counter-trends.

Let’s see, it’s the late ’90s, Nü Metal is the name of the game, bring on…the swing dance / zoot suit revival!

Mid-’90s girl and boy bands are rolling down the assembly line? Here comes Marilyn Manson!

Early-’90s grunge is at its peak? Time for Spiritualized to make their Dream Pop debut.

Better yet, instead of adhering to the generally accepted quiet verse/distorted chorus pattern, make the album consist of 4 lengthy & colour-coded song suites!




By not sounding of its time, Lazer Guided Melodies has a timeless quality to it.

If I hadn’t seen the release date, I could have easily believed it was from the 2000s or 2010s.

The 4-song suites are fine & even if I’m not sure that I fully adore the entire hour of music, I’m fairly certain that doesn’t really matter.

My sheer enjoyment of the album concept easily overcomes any possible qualms I could have with the actual music.



Verbalize the Positive

Did I mention I’m a fan of the ’90?!

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  1. This is one from the book I’d like to hear. Thanks for the reminder, Geoff.

  2. Don’t know this one, neat concept though.

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    As big of a Ride fan as I am, I am even bigger fan of Jason Pierce and the great music of Spiritualized. “Run”, “Shine a light”, “200 bars”, so many great tracks. And it’s only a hint of the great songs to come… have I said the word ‘great’ enough times?

  4. What’s Nu Metal? haha
    I’m Old Metal or as Iggy sang once “Cold Metal’
    That’s​ the great thing as you put this stuff aside for years and return to it and think it’s still awesome!

  5. I love how your reviews can easily be summed up with one graph or chart.

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