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Love – Da Capo (1967)

August 6, 2019

[Album 656/1001]

Word Association time: You hear “D.C.” you think…






Comic Books?

The District of Columbia?

Skateboarding Shoes?

Or for the sheet music enthusiasts out there, perhaps Da Capo?

Da Capo (often shortened to D.C.) is an instruction that occasionally appears at the end of a piece of music. You see the symbol D.C.? You start back at the beginning of the piece.


“A thought in my head, I think
Of something to do”
– Love, She Comes in Colors

Admittedly, I’ll sometimes see a title on the 1001 list, and an idea for a post will emerge before actually listening to the album.

For example, before reviewing Aimee Mann’s Whatever, I was all set to write a review of indifference / a general reaction of ‘meh.’ However, when the album ended up being terrific, the plans were spoiled!

With Da Capo however, I thought, I can’t lose.220px-DaCapo

If the album’s a dud? It’s a struggle to go back to the beginning each time.

If it’s a gem? Following the Da Capo/D.C. sheet music instructions could not be less of a chore!


And the verdict is…it’s mostly the latter with Love.

Side 2’s nearly 19-minute side-length track, Revelation, may be the standout for some. For me, it was all a bit much. However, I approved of the decision to place it on its own (as with tracks like this or In a Gadda Da Vida, it’s tough to know just what to do with these marathon tunes)

And I most definitely approve of the material on side 1 of the record.

Any album that opens with a harpsichord (as they did here with Stephanie Knows Who) will quickly earn my undivided attention.

The flute on Orange Skies (and intermittently elsewhere) was also a pleasant surprise.

The songs are strong & the titles are even better: I adore the before & after exclamation marks on ¡Que Vida! and it warms the heart to see math-based song titles like 7 and 7 is. 

While I’m not sure I’ll go back to the beginning of side 2 all that often, I could see myself making plenty of return trips back to the beginning of side 1 of Da Capo.





Verbalize the Positive

If upon reading D.C., you scrolled back up to the top of the post – you are a music nerd, in the best possible way, and I thank you for being you!

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  1. Read this, then read it again from the beginning.

  2. A general reaction of ‘meh’! I might have to steal that line someday, Geoff!
    Man, how about those 19 minute plus long tunes??
    Marathon tunes I always found they were was good for walking or riding a bike.
    To laze around home listening to them is kind​ of a hard sell…

    • Feel free to use at the earliest possible convenience Deke – I think there was an Oscar Wilde line, talent borrows, genius steals!
      And that’s good advice about listening while on the move – on my first listen of the album, it was on a run, so the 19 minutes didn’t seem that long. But my second listen, it was while sitting at home, so it seemed to go on and on!

      • I guess sitting at home and chilling is not a bad thing Geoff but if you’re​ like me I don’t think I can listen to that long of a song.
        Rime of the Ancient Mariner clocks in at over 12 minutes long. I’m good with that one as there are tempo changes and well Its Maiden! haha

      • I’ve had number of the beast on recently – and have had no trouble with the 6 + minute 22 Acacia Avenue!
        And I bet you can guess which review # it will eventually be!

      • HA brilliant!
        22 Acacia Avenue is a quick 6-minute​ tune. Man what a wicked opening riff

  3. Erm… think it was the district, followed by comics for me! Never heard this. Got ‘Forever Changes’ but I don’t listen to it much.

    • I misread your comment at first HMO, thinking ‘district comics’ had been what jumped to mind for you – I’d read those comics!
      Forever Changes is on the list too, haven’t got there yet, I’m in the debate right now of whether to check it out immediately or wait until this one’s less fresh in my mind

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    My friend Andrew Rodriguez swears by these guys. I have yet to give them a chance and it’s likely just to spite my friend, though I guess it’s about time to bite the bullet…

  5. Rinse, lather, Da Capo.

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