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Ride – Nowhere (1990)

July 31, 2019

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July Series: Why I’m (still) a “total man of the ’90s”

1. I miss what I never had
2. Efficiency + Effectiveness
3. I’m hooked early & often

4. Female Vocals + Nice/Slow Groove
5. Bands beget Bands
6. Perfectly executed business plans
7. Far (enough) Out
8. Best of Before & After

[Album 654/1001]

Although I understand that Ride tends to be classified as a turn of the decade “shoegazing” group, I find that rather than sounding like their contemporaries, they have more in common with artists that came both Before AND After.

(Incidentally, Before & After would also be my favourite Wheel of Fortune category)

For example, the opening 30 seconds of the opening track, Seagull:

Start with some quick ride cymbal work, a very favourable 1992 Locked in the Trunk of a Car association.

Add some 1994 Oasis Columbia feedback, so far so good.

Layer in the 1966 Taxman-ish bass line, not too shabby.

Top it off with some splendid late ’60s psychedelic electric guitar picking…and I’m sold!



Those opening 30 seconds of the album provide a neat summary of why Ride’s Nowhere is such a solid album.Nowhereridecover

Over the course of the 8 tracks, the band is able to consistently:

a) remind listeners of the music they liked from decades past

b) foreshadow the sounds that would become popular within the next decade

And as hopefully shown by this month’s series, what a decade it was!



A “total man of the ’90s” (in 1997 & 2019)


Verbalize the Positive

And now for the 1990s M. Night Shyamalan twist ending:

I’ve been dead the whole

I did not grow up with any of these ’90s albums.

All of these “total man of the ’90s” July posts were from ‘new-to-me’ records, therefore unclouded by nostalgia.

Hopefully that lack of ‘rose-coloured glasses’ with these particular records makes the reviews that much more reliable & the overall case for ’90s musical excellence that much more convincing.

Most importantly, thanks for joining me on this trip back to my favourite musical decade!

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  1. Awesome month of posts Geoff!
    Heck, I’m gonna miss seeing that 90s pic of you on my WordPress reader!
    Man of the 90s!
    That Seagull tune I had to listen too especially after you made reference to what the song sounded like to you in regards to the Hip etc.
    Those vocals almost hypnotized me, dude! haha. Way to early in the day for that haha
    A 6-minute track so no radio edit for that one!

    Well done Sir. Take a day or two off! You earned it!

    • Much appreciated Deke!
      And speaking of the hip, these guys closed the album with a song called ‘vapour trail’ – almost as good a tune as vapour trails from Phantom power!

      • Phantom Power is such a great album. I need that one on vinyl at some point

      • The Day for Night silver edition looks spectacular as well!

  2. I’m not a man of the 90’s so not familiar with this one at all. Enjoyed the post though. The 90’s were a bade era of music for me with some minor exceptions. I need to explore it more.

    • My thanks John – part of the reason for doing the 1001 project was that I had all kinds of ’90s albums and very little else! So it’s been nice to learn a bit more about the music between 1955-2005 (the years my edition of the book covers)

  3. I feel like I missed the 90s musically having kids, moving 16 or so times and generally being distracted so this has been interesting to see what I missed.

    • Thanks Neil – and that’s how I feel about the 2000s and 2010s. 2000s for the dozens of moves, 2010s because of the kids!

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    This is a wonderful album and a debut at that. You might already know that I’m a huge fan of these guys. New album coming soon. Did you know that lead guitarist Andy Bell did some time with Oasis, another 90s band?

    • Actually Facebook reminded me of that last week – every so often in the scrolling reader it has “Billy likes Sport Chek” or those sorts of promos. And a few days ago it was “John likes RIDE!”
      Speaking of Oasis, these guys kind of remind me of them in that they seemed fully formed on the debut, sort of skipping that whole finding your sound stage!

  5. Whoa! What a twist!

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