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Artist of the Week III – Quiz #29

July 21, 2019


Exceptional Artist of the Week III Series logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

2019 Artists of the Week (so far): George Harrison, Notorious B.I.G., Amy Winehouse, Van Halen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Gorillaz, Led Zeppelin, Aretha Franklin, Cheap Trick, Can, Kanye West, Fleetwood Mac, Morrissey, Franz Ferdinand, Black Sabbath, Tina Turner, Jeff Buckley, The Monkees, Fiona Apple, Kiss, Dr. Dre, Ella Fitzgerald, Pixies, Supertramp, The Strokes, Common


My thanks to all who have participated in the “Artist of the Week” quizzes so far.

Congrats to all those who correctly identified Common last week.

The results after 28 weeks (as of Friday afternoon – results submitted after that time will be added to next week’s spreadsheet):




Ready for Quiz #29?



Quiz Rules/Format
(Same as last year, feel free to skip to the quiz if you know the rules already)

Your Task: Name the mystery Artist, ideally with as few clues as possible.

Correctly guess the artist on the first clue? 500 points.

After scrolling down to the second clue? 400 points.

Still don’t know after the fifth clue? 0 points, but a crisp high-five for participating.

I’ll use google translate to put the correct answer at the bottom in Arabic (if you read Arabic, that’s fantastic, but no cheating by reading ahead!) and you can translate it back to the language of your choice to confirm your answer.

In the comments, please enter your POINTS earned (not the artist name) and I’ll keep track of the running totals in a spreadsheet.

In addition to eternal bragging rights, the winner at the end of the year may even get something as prestigious as a digital certificate.

Here goes!


Artist of the Week #29
Record POINTS Earned (Not Artist Name) in the comments
(scroll down for additional clues)


500 points………………..Terrific, if somewhat maddeningly inconsistent, still active American band; case in point, on the track-list of their 1994 album (Vitalogy), one of the finest songs ever committed to tape (Corduroy) leads into one of the all-time great listener endurance tests (Bugs)!






400 points……………….Although I am a big fan of the band now, this was not always the case, as shown by this irate letter from 1992/93...

Untitled presentation






300 points……………….Their album, Ten, is on the 1001 list…and their lead singer, Eddie Vedder, had the definitive ’90s voice that was often imitated & never quite duplicated






200 points………………..The solution to the film title puzzle below:

Untitled presentation (2)






100 points………………..The artist is P______ J___






Answer: مربى اللؤلؤ

(Please post your points earned in the comments section)

Thanks for playing!


Verbalize the Positive

On August 20, 2016 (the night of the final Tragically Hip concert), at this group’s show in Chicago, Eddie Vedder made a really nice on-stage tribute to Gord Downie. Well worth a view here.

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  1. 500. I like them better from Vitalogy onwards as Vedder took more control.

  2. 500 each for Mika and me before the first clue was even done.

  3. 300. “It is a bad song and even worse video.” Ouch! That letter is adorable. If they played Friday I’m in love a bit, I bet they hardly ever played Mint Car!

    • My thanks Amrita – I was a harsh critic in my youth!
      Perhaps they took my letter to heart, as I do remember seeing Mint Car a few times in 1996!

      • It’s amazing that you kept a copy. I appreciate the honesty, maybe you could write a review like that now? Preferably of an artist who is obscure/dead, so as not to make too many people mad.

      • I fear I wouldn’t be able to be that passionate about an artist – I’m starting to think that hell hath no fury like a grade 6 disappointed with music programming decisions!

  4. That letter! 400 please.

  5. Ah, the days when we wrote on paper and put it in a stamped addressed envelope 🙂 400 points please.

    • I think I must have sent many requests (or Demands like this letter!) to Much Music @ 299 Queen street west in Toronto!
      Nice work TVTA!

  6. 500 please. Pretty much my favourite ever band in everything they have ever done. I love these guys as a much as I love The Who and Ramones and Motörhead. Then again I’ve always been susceptible to a bad influence.

    • I gather they loved The Who as well – and I’m pleased you turned out well Steve, despite listening to/watching videos by so many bad influences!

      • How does Tom Waits put it ‘they’re all from good homes, they just developed some ways about them’

  7. 300. I’m more of a Martha and the Muffins man myself. Which is a phrase I never thought I’d resort to.

  8. A yarly 500 for me please.

  9. 500. The album name was enough.

  10. Zack permalink


    • Well played Zack – I was thinking of your line about Johnny Ramone this week when I was listening to Ash’s 1977. It was a great record to inspire people to start bands because it sounded do-able, like anyone could be Johnny Ramone!

  11. 500 packs of Jam to go with the Peanut Butter!
    Well written letter.
    Did anyone get back to you from M.M?
    That letter tells you the impact of video on a fresh young mind!
    ‘The singer looks high on something’
    Ha! Brilliant! All those bands looked fried in their flannels back than!

    • Haha, I was livid with the person in charge of much music’s video rotation!
      I don’t remember ever getting a reply (the creepy ALL CAPS write back might have scared them away!) – but I still remember Much Music’s postal code to this day, I think I watched a lot of the Daily RSVP at the time!
      And exemplary score Deke!

      • I watched that/ Gallaghers Game Show and lots of hours spent watching the Pepsi Power Hour Thursdays from 4-5 pm! VCR was always set for that time!

      • I still say “taped” something when recording digitally, so much VHS/VCR practice from Much!

      • Exactly Geoff! Still glad to see you have some Old School recording terms. Funny thing is I know totally what you’re talking about!
        I’m a real old school guy!

      • That makes 2 of us!

  12. 500 for me. Loved the letter.

  13. jprobichaud permalink

    500. Got it in on your first clue but I loved the second one. However, I might have had something to say to your grade six self back in those days, Jeremy was actually one of the few tracks by this band that I liked at that time. …And really, what was your complaint with Martha and the Muffins?

    • Haha, I was surprised to see Martha & the Muffins make it into the letter, I’m guessing the song was Echo Beach(?) at the time but I have no memory of its video!
      And I think my grade 6 self may not have fully understood that less Jeremy didn’t necessarily directly translate into more of the cure!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Probably was Echo beach. They had an advantage over The Cure in that they were Canadian. Oh those Can Con rules.

  14. A very sincere and serious 500

  15. 500! Sarah just had me listen to Martha and the Muffins for the first time yesterday! I dug it!

    • 500! Lol, I just bought a bunch of M + M vinyl over the past couple of weeks. I adore them!

    • I imagine I’d dig it now too – as long as it doesn’t cut into Cure-listening time!

  16. 500 please. I wouldn’t want to get a letter from cross Geoff!

    • Whereas your ’90s experience included disorganized album titles, it appears mine involved rage-filled letters!

      • I bet you pressed down real hard writing that one.

  17. 500. Inconsistent but they do what they want and nothing less.

  18. If I didn’t get 500 here, I’d… I’d be very disappointed in myself.

  19. Harrison permalink

    I almost missed this. 300 please.I do hope have gotten better at ending formal letters. “Write back please” is a bit…not the best way to put it

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