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Nitin Sawhney – Beyond Skin (1999)

July 16, 2019

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July Series: Why I’m (still) a “total man of the ’90s”

1. I miss what I never had
2. Efficiency + Effectiveness
3. I’m hooked early & often

4. Female Vocals + Nice/Slow Groove

[Album 650/1001]

It appears my favourite ’90s tracks in the “Downtempo” genre have a common formula.

If the track features fabulous female vocals? I’m listening.

If the track is gently propelled by a nice/slow groove? Sounds good.Beyondskin

If the track contains female vocals AND a nice/slow groove? Now we’re talking!

Meaning that with Beyond Skin, Sanchita Farruque’s vocals on the title track & Tina Grace’s vocals on Letting Go were the album highlights.

Elsewhere, some songs had some interesting lyrics (The Pilgrim‘s “Life is like a puzzle not pieced yet”), others had some intriguing instrumental bits (the piano work on Tides).

Additional tracks occasionally featured female vocals & others still may have had grooves that qualified as nice &/or slow.

But as was the case with the Tracey Thorn tracks on Massive Attack’s Protection, Beyond Skin‘s highlights find themselves in the middle of the Downtempo Venn Diagram.


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Verbalize the Positive

Chuck Klosterman’s new book, Raised in Captivity, came out today (2 short stories in, so far, so good).

I bought the e-book in the wee small hours of the morning – it brought back fond memories of midnight sales for ’90s CD releases!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    This 90s man does not know this 90s album. Must investigate.

    • I was oblivious to its existence before the 1001 book!
      But I like that it reinforces the argument of the ’90s being magnificent: even the albums that are new to me (and thus, not impacted by any listener nostalgia) are capable of delivering the goods!

  2. This 90s man knows of this album, but has never heard it.

    In other news, this 90s man also remembers big album releases and the odd midnight opening. However, we also had a Tower Records that opened late, so there may have been a few late night under the influence purchases as well as new release excitement grabs.

    • That’s a dangerous combo: late night record shop + beverages + new release excitement!
      But an enjoyable combo too!

      • The worst kind of combo. Especially when you hear a song in a pub before you leave!

  3. This 90s man is lying about being a 90s man.

  4. Great flashback comment on buying CDs at midnight Geoff!
    I know we have talked in the past about the HIP!
    I went to three of them upon midnight releases.
    Fully Completely/Day For Night/Trouble In The Henhouse!

    Course when going to pick up the new Hip album at midnight I had to grab a few more discs before I left hahaha.
    Great marketing move at the time whoever thought of it!

    • Hip Hip Hip!
      It was pretty clever marketing – sort of like the impulse chocolate/candy/gum buys at the grocery store, while we’re waiting in line, they know we’ll be tempted by the other discs!

      • It was fun! Headed right to Tbone’s by 1am and fired up Fully Completely! That was a great night as I think we did an all-nighter. Just spinning tunes and babbling on and on!
        Man, I miss those days! haha

  5. I lost my tape of this after only listening to it once, which I took as some sort of sign from the beyond.

    (of what I’m not sure, but I didn’t want to mess with the beyond)

    • Nor should you!
      But should you stumble across a copy again at a reasonable price (I was pleased to find a $1 CD), perhaps that will be the beyond’s way of saying you’re ready

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