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Guided By Voices – Alien Lanes (1995)

July 8, 2019

Untitled presentation (27)

July Series: Why I’m (still) a “total man of the ’90s”

1. I miss what I never had
2. Efficiency + Effectiveness


[Album 648/1001]

Is it possible to be both Efficient AND Effective?

I believe Guided By Voices has pulled it off.

Musically, they have succeeded where 3 fictional characters have failed.

Well done, Guided By Voices!


effectiveness (1)


1. Inefficient + Ineffective = Michael Scott (The Office, US)
Inefficient because…He rambles
Ineffective because…He rambles incoherently




2. Inefficient + Effective = Treebeard (The Lord of The Rings)
Effective because…what he says is worth saying
Inefficient because…it takes a long time to say!



3. Efficient + Ineffective = Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)
Efficient because…he gets the job done fast
Ineffective because…he considers fast & right to be mutually exclusive!


4. Efficient + Effective = Guided By Voices, Alien Lanes
Efficient because…In terms of quantity, Guided By Voices is in good company with Frank Black’s Teenager of the Year (22 tracks in 63 minutes) & Sloan’s Never Hear the End of It (30 tracks in 77 minutes). Alien Lanes includes an astonishing 28 tracks in 41 minutes.

Effective because…in terms of quality, Guided By Voices might just be in good company with Frank Black & Sloan as well.




Verbalize the Positive

Though I haven’t heard everything they’ve ever done, like Jen from the IT Crowd, I too am now a bit of a fan!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Yeah. I think it’s pretty impossible to have heard everything by GBV. They’re one band I don’t plan to be a completist with. However, I will likely close off Bluesfest with them on Friday. Looking forward to it.

  2. Really good band, although I don’t know their albums in depth.

  3. I don’t think anyone on earth has heard all GBV and Robert Pollard releases.
    With the possible exception of Aaron @ KMA.

    There was a GBV poster on their office wall at some point, wasn’t there?

  4. A band I’ve found it difficult to connect with. Maybe just too much stuff out there? Too many tracks on the albums? I’m not quite sure…

    • Possibly a bit of both of the above – I quite liked the idea of 28 tracks in 41 minutes here. Though if that were the case on every recording of theirs, that they keep sticking to song fragments rather than fully developed tunes, perhaps the novelty may wear off a bit

      • I could find that a bit tiring…

      • They have many short-burst songs. But in the 90s, especially on the cople of albums where they were most ‘famous’ and on movie soundtracks and stuff, when they were being produced by Rik Okasek, that was when they were doing complete songs. Like Chasing Heather Crazy, or Teenage FBI. Way better production, etc. Personally I like they crap they recorded on a boombox in their basement, but to each their own!

      • I hadn’t realized they’d done some work with Rik Ocasek – he produced my 2nd favourite album ever!

  5. I am here to say what you already know. I LOVE GBV. And all the side things. And all the solo things. And all the books. And all the collage collections. And all the things.

    This album is on the short list of ones I recommend to people when they say they want to try the band but are (understandably) daunted by the humungous pile of output.

    GBV! GBV! GBV!

  6. Just leaving a second comment to say:

    GBV! GBV! GBV!

  7. Huge props for the IT Crowd clip!

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