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The Replacements – Let it Be (1984)

April 17, 2019

[Album 641/1001]

Trivia Question: when an Apple device used to make a beeping noise, do you know what that noise was called?

From what I gather, it was supposed to be called “Let it Beep” – but as Apple (the computer company) was in the midst of various decades-long legal battles with the Beatles (and their Apple Corps), somebody suggested this might not be prudent.

The beep sound’s creator, Jim Reekes, expressed his frustration at this advice, “So sue me.”

And thus the sound name, Sosumi, was born!



Now I’m not sure if The Replacements experienced any legal issues over their choice of album name here.

Lawsuit or no, it’s a bold choice!

But to my pleasant surprise, while none of the tracks are quite as individually exceptional as the Fab 4’s Let It Be, I believe I prefer this 1984 album to the Beatles’ 1970 effort.

This Let It Be also seems to find that ideal balance where’s it’s not “too” anything.220px-The_Replacements_-_Let_It_Be_cover

If it starts down a comedic path (I can only assume Gary’s Got a Boner wasn’t aiming for Shakespearean drama), the moments of silliness are offset by moments of sincerity, such as the powerful closer Answering Machine.

Whenever the pace picks up & the vocals begin to howl (as in We’re Coming Out), there’s mid-tempo melody & even a bit of mandolin close by (as heard on I Will Dare).

There’s even a Ki$$ cover (Black Diamond) thrown in for good measure – so truly a bit of everything, without ever having too much of any one thing.

Perhaps the main reason I’m so jazzed about the album is that as soon as it finishes, I’ve been keen to hear it again immediately.

And I find that’s among my most reliable metrics.


Verbalize the Positive

I imagine Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out would be my new #1 song about a Tonsillectomy!

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  1. Yup great record.

  2. I never heard that Let it Beep story before. Crazy but it makes sense..Apple and the Beatles..
    Replacements always got a ton of press I recall in magazines like Creem and such but they just never got that big ‘one’ to take it over the top in sales…
    Perhaps that’s why they were huge in other ways like an underground band staying true to itself and not going after the dollar like so many did…
    I think the Bass player did a stint in Axl N Roses before the original Guns returned..

    • I thought I recognized the name ‘Stinson’ – and you’re right Deke! He was playing with Axl from ’98-2016.

  3. oooh! Black Diamond cover!! I am in!!

  4. Love this record. Their Black Diamond cover is gloriously ragged. As is most of their back catalogue. I Will Dare and Answering Machine are my favourites

  5. Great album. There’s something about the songwriting that’s timeless… maybe the fact that it feels sincere.

    • I could see that – and it does feel like my enjoyment level of this one won’t be dwindling any time soon!

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