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Artist of the Week III – Quiz #13

March 31, 2019


Exceptional Artist of the Week III Series logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

2019 Artists of the Week (so far): George Harrison, Notorious B.I.G., Amy Winehouse, Van Halen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Gorillaz, Led Zeppelin, Aretha Franklin, Cheap Trick, Can


My thanks to all who have participated in the “Artist of the Week” quizzes so far.

Congrats to all those who correctly identified Can last week.

The results after 12 weeks (as of Wednesday – results submitted after that time will be added next week):


after 12


Ready for Quiz #13?

Lucky #13!


Quiz Rules/Format
(Same as last year, feel free to skip to the quiz if you know the rules already)

Your Task: Name the mystery Artist, ideally with as few clues as possible.

Correctly guess the artist on the first clue? 500 points.

After scrolling down to the second clue? 400 points.

Still don’t know after the fifth clue? 0 points, but a crisp high-five for participating.

I’ll use google translate to put the correct answer at the bottom in Arabic (if you read Arabic, that’s fantastic, but no cheating by reading ahead!) and you can translate it back to the language of your choice to confirm your answer.

In the comments, please enter your POINTS earned (not the artist name) and I’ll keep track of the running totals in a spreadsheet.

In addition to eternal bragging rights, the winner at the end of the year may even get something as prestigious as a digital certificate.

Here goes!


Artist of the Week #13
Record POINTS Earned (Not Artist Name) in the comments
(scroll down for additional clues)


500 points………………..American artist, born in 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, his debut album, The College Dropout, is on the 1001 list






400 points………………..He produced Jay Z’s 2001 track, Izzo (H.O.V.A.), and a decade later, he appeared with Jay Z on their 2011 hit collaboration, Otis






300 points……………….His various fashion endeavors (including his “Yeezy” line of sneakers) provide students with good examples of Veblen goods, status symbol products that contradict the law of demand, as shown below:

Demand Curve for Normal Goods


Demand Curve for Normal Goods (1)






200 points………………..His birth name, featuring one of the four cardinal directions on a compass, is the same as his stage name (though in September 2018, he announced that he would now be known as “Ye”)






100 points………………..The artist is K______ W_____






Answer:  كاني ويست

(Please post your points earned in the comments section)

Thanks for playing!


Verbalize the Positive

I enjoy playing H.O.V.A. (with the chorus lyric, “H to the Izzo”) as the song of the day when introducing exponent laws!


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  1. Harrison permalink

    200, if you will.

  2. 500. I looked at the 400 and 300 clues out of interest and would have had no ideas on those. My daughter’s friends have the same surname and it has all sorts of fun possibilities for playing with names.

    • Nicely done! I was wondering if there would be a negative trend in this week’s scores vs. last week (the higher the score on Holger & co., the lower the score on this artist) – and vice versa. You may be the outlier that did quite well on both!

      • Harrison permalink

        And I’m the outlier that did crap on both

      • I have mentioned both on my site (as well as Czukay solo). I do have blind spots – I think the quizzes will get very hard if you delve into 21st century British stuff that hasn’t really held up.

      • I think most of the 21st century qualifies as a blind spot for me!

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    Ugh, not a fan, as my 100 point score will attest.

    • Good work Amrita – you know your economics graphs!

      • Not at all, kind sir, it was the Yeezy part that gave it away. But, hey, that-th-that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger! (Only lyric/song I know by today’s artist).

  4. 500 as I cruise by in my other other Benz

  5. 500! Am not a fan — but my millennial credentials ensure that I have the wonderful, osmotic delight of constantly hearing about him and his indescribably obnoxious wife/her obnoxious family (*shudder*)… Kids these days!!

  6. Zack permalink


  7. 500. Not a fan, but being from Atlanta, it was easy.

    • I think you might have done well on the Outkast week last year for a similar reason – I don’t think I’ve done REM yet, but knowledge of Athens will pay off when I do!

  8. 500 — seminal record!

  9. wdeod permalink

    200. Never knowingly heard anything by him.

  10. 100 points…I’m in a funk man! Call Bootsy Collins!

  11. An easy 500. Probably just as well cause I missed it last week!

  12. A measly 100 for me.

  13. 200 please

  14. And…Buried On Mars got 100 this week and 400 last week. He’s been playing but the WP app has been screwing him over.

  15. 200 because I know virtually nothing about him.

  16. Redemption with a 500. I was still working at the store at the time of the debut and remember selling it.

  17. 500 for me and Mika

  18. 500 because of James. He mentioned this one once.

  19. 300. Can’t for the life of me understand how I got it on the trainers clue. I must be down with the kids. Or something.

  20. A bit late, but playing along for fun… 500 on this one. Great album and I’m pretty fond of some of their other work too.

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