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Jeff Beck – Truth (1968)

March 23, 2019

[Album 639/1001]

“So Jeff Beck pops his head ’round the door and mentions there’s a little Sweet shop on the edge of town.”
– Del Preston in Wayne’s World 2

Truth: The above quote was my intro to Jeff Beck (and perhaps also where, as a youth, I first deduced that ‘Beck’ and ‘Jeff Beck’ were different artists)220px-Jeff_Beck-Truth

Truth: I have difficulty listening to Jeff Beck without thinking of that quote.

Truth: Apart from that trivial inextricable-linkage-to-Wayne’s-World-2 issue, I have no difficulty listening to Mr. Beck. Whether acoustic (Greensleeves) or electric (just about everywhere else), he is a fine guitarist.

Truth: As my copy of this album is an 8-track cartridge with no liner notes, I wasn’t sure who did what on the album before I listened. So I was surprised to hear the unmistakable voice of Rod Stewart as the 8-track clunked to life!

Truth: The reason I have this on 8-track? The unmistakable Aaron from the KMA, whose generosity never ceases to amaze!

Truth: Although I was bound to like this blues-y/rock-y set regardless of the listening medium, considering it arrived as a surprise gift of obsolete technology, a negative review quickly became inconceivable!




Verbalize the Positive


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  1. What a lot of Truth emerged from album #639, Geoff! When I covered this one six months back (“Three 68 Bees”) I don’t think you’d had your eight track encounter? Seems to me a splendid way to listen to the crunching blues rock of the debut Beck (comma, Jeff) album

    • My thanks Bruce!
      I’ll have to re-read that review, I’m curious as to both your thoughts about the album & what I might have said at the time!

  2. This is a great album. I play it once in awhile. Glad you reviewed it!

  3. I always used to get confused when I found copies of this album:

    Beck’s a big blind spot for me – don’t know the Yardbirds or his solo stuff really.

    • And beyond this one, I know next to nothing.
      So I believe he likely still qualifies as a blind spot for me too!

  4. Big fan of this and Beck-Ola, so it’s good to see it in the 1001. Rod and Beck were just perfect together.

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