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Throbbing Gristle – D.O.A. The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle (1978)

February 8, 2019

[Album 634/1001]

My wonderful wife and I have been enjoying watching Jeopardy on Netflix.

One recent category: “The T is Silent”

Its $400 answer: “Cartilage on a Plate”

The question (as correctly posed by a pair of viewers at home): What is Gristle?

That’ll be 400 please, Alex!




How do you feel about Revolution 9, the 8+ minute sound collage by The Beatles?

Did you ever wish it was 5 times longer?

If so, good news!220px-ThrobbingGristleDOAThirdAnnualReportColorCover

With a running time of 42:37, D.o.A: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle should have sufficient tape loops & noises for even the most avant garde of fans.

It’s difficult to imagine any listeners complaining, “you know, this was all a bit too mainstream for my tastes.”

Ironically, in the otherwise bleakly industrial running order, the most accessible tune here (AB/7A) is the track that seems to come out of left field.

But I must admit, I appreciate this type of recording where audience indifference is not an option.

Those who love it, live for it.

For those who, even 40+ years after its release, still aren’t quite ready for D.o.A. yet?

I suppose one could watch almost 2 full episodes of Jeopardy during that time instead.

And in the meantime, file away this ‘industrial music by group with a silent T’ for future reference, for when it inevitably resurfaces as a Jeopardy clue.


Verbalize the Positive

I’m continually amazed at how much Jeopardy contestants know about topics such as 19th Century Opera!

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  1. I was hoping this was going to be about the Canadian punk band DOA.

  2. jprobichaud permalink

    Kudos for giving it a go. Nothing I’ve read about this group has pushed me to want to listen to any of their albums, though I certainly appreciate what they were on about.

    • There are certain ones that I’ll enjoy from the 1001 and then immediately forget. With this one, it may not have been the peak of enjoyment, but I’m also unlikely to forget it!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        I can’t imagine these guys being unforgettable. Haha

  3. Really enjoyed this piece, Geoff.

  4. Well, this is a curious one. Never dared enter the world off Throbbing Gristle, myself… not sure I’m quite ready for it!

    • Did you ever see Back to the Future?
      There’s a great line when the 1955 crowd doesn’t know what to make of Marty’s Van Halen-esque guitar work, “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet…but your kids are gonna love it.”
      So perhaps our kids will be ready for Throbbing Gristle!

      • You bet I did! And perhaps they will be!

  5. Sarah and I have been watching Jeopardy too! Although it’s a little weird how the episodes on Netflix are from 2013… but they’re new to me!

    • They’re brand new to me too! I think we’re just about to wrap up the “90s” episodes in the battle of the decades

  6. Wicked! My own fave Throbbing Gristle album is entitled “20 Jazz Funk Greats” which hopefully I’ll be blog posting about soon! 🙂

  7. Totally missed an opportunity there, shoulda been The ‘T’ Is Silen.

  8. “How do you feel about Revolution 9, the 8+ minute sound collage by The Beatles?
    Did you ever wish it was 5 times longer?”



  9. TG were groundbreakers. Great stuff.

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