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Joe Ely – Honky Tonk Masquerade (1978)

January 29, 2019

[Album 633/1001]

“Now only two things are better than milkshakes and malts”
– Joe Ely, West Texas Waltz

According to Joe Ely, one of those two things is “dancin’ like the dickens to the West Texas Waltz.”

But lyrically, he leaves the second superior thing up to the listener.

For that other thing, is it possible that he was somehow anticipating this extraordinary Simpsons scene referencing Pulp Fiction?

Conveniently also referencing milkshakes?!


Chief Wiggum: “Quarter Pounder” with cheese? Well, I can see the cheese but…do they have Krusty’s “Partially Gelatinated, Non-Dairy, Gum-Based Beverages”?

Lou: Mmm hmm, they call them “shakes.”

Eddie: “Shakes.” You don’t know what you’re gettin’.


The ‘Masquerade‘ part of this Joe Ely album title may not be indicative of the ingredients within.

But as for the other two words?ely-honky_tonk_masquerade

Unlike the oversimplified ‘Shakes’ from the clip above, with ‘Honky Tonk’ literally front & center in the three-word sequence (and omnipresently on the album), You do know what you’re gettin’.

And if there was insufficient Honky &/or Tonk in the album title, the title track opens side two and a Hank Williams cover (Honky Tonkin’) brings the Masquerade to a close.

Musically, some of the album is reminiscent of The Stones’ acoustic-based Country Honk, the majority is likely closer to their more electric-driven Honky Tonk Women.

Either way, for me as the listener, when the mood strikes for some classic country-rock tunes & scrumptious steel guitar tones, gimme, gimme, gimme, the Honky Tonk Joe Ely album.

Oh, and sign me up for a Partially Gelatinated, Non-Dairy, Gum-Based Beverage to go with it, please.


Verbalize the Positive

Cheers to my esteemed colleague Jim Tallon for confirming that I used ‘literally’ in the appropriate manner!


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  1. As this is a family blog I shall decline to guess the other superior thing.

  2. It’s good he hasn’t turned up in the quiz, as I’d have no idea.

  3. Ok did someone just type that this was a Family Blog?? hahaha…I missed that memo…

    so your line of ….Oh, and sign me up for a Partially Gelatinated, Non-Dairy, Gum-Based Beverage to go with it, please.

    in Roth N Roll from the Eat Em Video …

    • Glazed Doughnut and a bottle of anything to GOOOOOOO!

    • I read the doughnut comment before seeing the first comment with the video – I hadn’t realized Diamond Dave had already placed that order!

      • Sorry I meant to add it all in one comment but I clicked reply after I posted the clip. Rookie mistake!

      • No worries Deke – it was me that was the amateur, forgetting the messages under the bell in wordpress start with the most recent and work their way back!

      • You’re a Good Man!

  4. Make my shake lactose free, please.

  5. Reminiscent of the Stones at their wanna be from Texas best? I’m in!

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