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Talk Talk – The Colour of Spring (1986)

January 21, 2019

[Album 631/1001]

With temperatures in the -20°C range (or in the -30s with the wind chill factor), buses were cancelled in many parts of Southern Ontario today.

Given the frigid conditions, I thought it would be an appropriate day to listen to some music that provided a glimpse of warmer days ahead.

Let’s see…there’s an album on the 1001 list called The Colour of Spring?

Sounds warmer than -30°C to me!




“The name so nice, you say it twice”
– The character Moto Moto in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

According to Wikipedia, ‘Moto Moto’ means ‘Hot Hot’ in Swahili.

And I imagine that just about anything capable of adding a bit of warmth on a day like today, we’ll take it!

Now I suppose the artist behind The Colour of Spring could have simply named themselves Talk.

But isn’t it so nice to say it twice?


talk talk


I’m not sure if any of the 8 songs here would be considered ‘hot’ tracks but the singer, Mark Hollis, does have a nice/gentle/warm delivery.

Hollis’s voice was instantly familiar yet not so instantly placeable.220px-talk_talk_-_the_colour_of_spring

I eventually learned that this group had recorded the original version of It’s My Life (as covered by No Doubt in the early 2000s).

Even though It’s My Life doesn’t appear on this record, the ownership of one’s existence theme continues with Life’s What You Make It.

From what I understand about Hollis, he has lived those mottos, recording and releasing music on his terms.

And if you ask me, that kind of artistic integrity is always in season.


Verbalize the Positive

While the self-aggrandizing agent demonstrates approximately the polar opposite of artistic integrity, I always loved this Fresh Prince scene that offered an explanation for the repeated ‘Duran’ … and Bang-O!

From → 1980s

  1. Often bands devolve (as taught by Devo), the most inventive being the debut with a sad trend towards diminishing returns.

    TALK TALK follow the opposite trajectory, with each album (five plus an extraordinary solo work from Hollis) showing increased invention and thought while (generally) stripping back more and more towards a transfixing silence.

    The one from the book is probably the best place to start – accessible, some tunes and choruses, recognisable band sounds. But the one after is a prime contender from Vinyl Connection’s “101 More Albums” series…

    • I’m pleased my quick search for a ‘warm’ record has led me to what sounds like a terrific discography!
      I know that diminishing returns trajectory all too well, encouraging to read that’s not even remotely the case here.
      And I’m keen to learn more about this album’s follow-up & more importantly, the other 100 more albums!

  2. According to my official list, this is #6 on my top 10 albums of all time. I love their next two albums (plus Hollis’ solo one that Bruce mentioned) as they get more spacey and “post-rock” but this one is an extraordinary pop record. In some ways it’s very 1980s – big bright production, but there are also organic jazzy drums, lots of organ (Steve Winwood and producer Tim Friese-Green) and amazing bass-lines.

    • My initial impression was that ‘of its time’ feel but then on listen #2, I started to notice and appreciate a lot more of the details (the acoustic bass in the first track was a nice surprise).
      I’m of course quite curious as to the other 9 records from the top 10!

  3. One of those bands that I’m familiar with without being all that aware of having heard anything. If that makes sense. I’ve heard very good things about them, but haven’t jumped in yet. I’ll start here, though, as it seems as good a place as any and Bruce is in favour of it being a good place to start…

  4. Hungry Like A Wolf?
    This morning at 6 am -44
    Tonight at 7 pm -20(no windchill)
    Heatwave Baby!
    more snow though!

    • No windchill, it’s practically summer!
      Buses are already cancelled again tomorrow with another -20 (before windchill) day on the horizon. Though apparently back up to 0 on Wednesday & exams starting thursday, so not a boring week!

      • They cancelled School Buses here this morning …this afternoon they were running…
        Guess your getting the cold we got on the weekend…-40 for 3 days straight was just goofy!

      • My goodness, goofy is an understatement!

      • HA..just being polite in case your kids are reading this…haha

  5. Yeah, same temps here, though it is warming a bit. Won’t last, likely, which means my lovely wife will only be muttering under breath some more (she dislikes being cold).

    Repetitive bands names, all I could think of was And And And from the Commitments (link NSFW)…

  6. It’s just started snowing here so I might give this a listen too! I have heard and loved a few of this bands albums but never heard this one.

    • It worked well on a frigid Kingston day yesterday – I imagine it would pair nicely with a snowy Glasgow Tuesday as well!

  7. jprobichaud permalink

    Come on spring! Colours or no.

  8. Fun fact: Duran Duran took their name from the antagonist of the film Barbarella. I hope this fun fact brings you some warmth.

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