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Soul II Soul – Club Classics Vol. One (1989)

January 2, 2019

[Album 627/1001]

Are there a finite number of ‘souls’ in the universe?

I recently heard a theory arguing that this is indeed the case.

The idea being that a soul joins a body for one lifetime, joins another for its next, and so on. Despite being in completely different human packaging & circumstances each time, from what I understand, the soul remains intact.

Of course, such a discussion is far beyond the scope of this blog!

However, when listening to Soul II Soul’s Club Classics Vol. One (also named Keep on Movin’ in the USA), I started to hear some merit in the soul transfer theory.




Now it’s quite possible that I merely have a finite number of responses to an album.

It’s even more probable that the artist’s name, Soul II Soul (with the double ‘i’ rather than numeric ‘2’), sent me searching for a second vessel.Club_classics_vol._one

However, considering that I haven’t revisited Protection since its review last year, it’s not as though the Massive Attack album was fresh in my mind.

The musical genres are different, the record packaging is dissimilar, and the release dates are a half decade apart.

Yet the essence of the album is the same.

As if its soul was able to keep on movin’ from one artist to the next, coming back to life in a different form.

Should it re-appear in a third incarnation?

My request would be to have another show-stealing guest vocalist like Tracey Thorn or Caron Wheeler, ideally on more than just II tracks.


Verbalize the Positive

Happy 2019!

From → 1980s

  1. Clever device, despite the dodgy metaphysics! Here’s to another great year of blogging, Mr S!

  2. This is definitely the first time I have seen Soul II Soul compared to Massive Attack. I need to go lie down… 😉

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